The 10 Best Beards In Sports

James Harden's beard.

In recent years, the beard has become a staple amongst all types of people, whether it be rappers, hipsters or anyone just trying to stand out. However, it's never been so prevalent in the sports world, as it is today, with some athletes making it their trademark.

NBA superstar James Harden is just one example of something who's been synonymous with his extravagant beard. In fact, immediately after joining the Houston Rockets during the 2012-13, the fans launched a campaign to support their new addition, dubbed "Fear The Beard." He's so dedicated to it, he's even said he wouldn't shave for $1 million. teamed up with Champs Sports' new daily blog, The Drop, to break down a Top 10 list of the Best Beards in the sports world. While Harden definitely makes the list, see who else makes the cut at Champs Sports' THE DROP.