1984 Jewelry - Kreayshawn choker

Kreayshawn Launches “Hella Cute” Choker Collection

By BallerStatus Staff   /   Published 10 months ago

Three years after Kreayshawn exploded onto the scene with "Gucci Gucci", the Bay Area rapper has been quiet... but resurfaced recently as the Creative Director of LA-based jewelry brand OK 1984.

After releasing her first collection last summer, Kreay's latest release is a full line of "Hella Cute" '90s-inspired chokers.

The line features a range of chokers made with vegan leather, white and black lace or clear refelctive material... with hanging trickets like crosses, daisies, yin-yangs, green jasper ankhs, eyeballs, yellow moons and dolphins.

The OK 1984 choker line is available at the brand's online store for $15 USD.