Kim Kardashian Rocks Thong In Thailand: Queen Of Booty?

Kim Kardashian nude

Kim Kardashian is hell-bent on making sure the world still thinks she's sexy, so she's taking a page outta Kanye's book... and turning up. The 33-year-old reality star was spotted rocking a two-piece bikini for a recent photo shoot in Thailand... with the thong bottom to fully show off her ASSets.

TMZ says Kim reclaimed the crown of "Queen of Booty."

What do you think?

  • Kyle Rayner

    She is still in my Top 5

  • ursocalledgod

    ass is not bubbly just big and wide! i cant stand this talentless annoying ass broad.

  • Mimz

    Well @ least she's showing off her ASSets here...From what I recall she used to always cover "it" up with wrap-arounds over the lower two piece bikini's she wore. Therefore always HIDING her "back side" with them seeming as though she wasn't YET fully comfortable flaunting her rear end. But in her family show she DID say once she gave birth she wanted to do "something freeing" like maybe posing nude or w/e. (Once she shed all her baby weight of course, & got her "pre-pregnancy/baby body" back) And because I'm the farthest from a HATER! (My theory being that only insecure & jealous people hate on others. Misery attempting to "create" company for themselves, so sad & sick!) I think she looks great here showing herself off so freely!! It seems like Kanye brings out the best in Kim as she does in him as well. Live life on your own terms and NEVER let anyone make you feel or believe anything less is acceptable, right! So if you got it then flaunt it & Kim YOU GOT IT!!! So you go gurl! <3 Ass & all the rest looks great too! Best asset I think is beautiful eyes Kim & a good personality! BTW, Very talented to be where she is & have all she has. Hard worker, determination to succeed, and much much more could be listed-(But this is long enough already) ;-) Just stay grounded and always remember where you come from and YOUR A SUCCESS! SO GO KIMMY!! Rhi.