Crown Royal Introduces XO Whisky

Crown Royal XO

Canadian whisky brand, Crown Royal, recently unveiled their latest concoction, Crown Royal XO.

Crafted by their Master Blender, the brand took 50 of their finest whiskies, and finished them in cognac casks, resulting in an elegant whisky variant, balanced with hints of vanilla, spice and rich dry fruit.

Crown says XO is "best enjoyed neat or on the rocks." It's coming soon.

Stay tuned for further details...

  • Ted

    Has anyone found out where Crown Royal XO can be purchased?

  • Erik Swanson

    I just got some from an Indian international store today in Nola.

  • Crown Seller

    It just rolled out on Monday. You can find it about anywhere in Nebraska as of today.

  • dell

    I bought Two Bottles at my local grocery at first the priced at 43.00 and three days later it was 47.00

  • Leah

    What about Washington and Oregon? I really want to get my dad a bottle for christmas!

  • Dick Daddy Dollar’s

    Shit's baller, Son.

    But tell the people how effin old it is.

  • Guest

    Assuming the XO stands for "Extra Old", does anyone have any idea exactly "how old" the XO is?

    It seems CR forgot to mention this on their own web site.