DMX On Dr. Phil (Full Interview)

DMX's sit-down with Dr. Phil finally aired on Wednesday (September 25), where he discussed his life and career.

During the interview, the rap legend goes over recent headlines like streaking through a hotel hallway, and financial problems including being behind on child support to the tune of $1.23 million.

X also talks about his family, including 11 children with one on the way, saying that  despite the large size of his family, he assures that he has a relationship with them all... and are all taken care of.

As the interview continues, DMX also addresses his well-publicized battle with drugs, the law, and other troubles.

  • Tandra Evans

    I love me so dmx still the realist. ..;)

  • mike

    DMX is a smart dude. Drugs are a real problem

  • Mary Johnson

    12 kids with 6 mothers? I wouldn't call him "smart". And I would call the last 4 mothers less smart.

  • Jafar J. Martin

    Does anyone know the purpose of this interview??

  • D Love

    there is no help for him.he is very destructive and dangerous to himself and others.he doesnt listen and is very defensive to his own truth.i believe that he hates himself and that he doesnt take any responsibility for his actions whatsoever.everything is not funny and not to be taken lightly.and how dear he continue to bring up God name as his vindicater.well i guess whitney houston did it until the day she died so hey both of them will be resting somewhere but not sure if its with God.and who is these women who's having sex with him and making these babies that he cant take care to be hood rats or he's raping them.i would hate to be his mate bc he may be violent and they need to have std's check

  • Tobylynn Johnson

    I think if you have time to look at a Dmx interview online and go as far as too take the time to comment about how much you don't like him! Or what's wrong with him and all the other BS posted on him that's negative!! You must be perfect and live a perfect NONCHRISTIAN life. Lol I mean seriously we arnt suppose too judge and if you lived your "perfect life" infront of cameras with all eyes on you! Imagine what the hell would be said about you!! I've met him and live in the same town as he and just let me say this man can't even get a speeding ticket without it being on the news!! I mean seriously, its not right and he came to a small town to live a normal life. Let him and instead of judging him and posting negative comments. Why don't you pray for him and yourself!!!! And BTW he is one of the nicest guys I ever met!! Always goes out of his way to speak to me and my children, isn't ever rude to anyone about autographs pictures or just talking to him. I Love Dmx/ Earl Simmons and I'm a proud fan that will always defend my friend!!!!! :) Peace Out A-Town LOL