Need Unlimited Money In ‘GTA V?’ Here’s The Cheat

Grand Theft Auto V has been out for less than a week, but gamers are already finding out cheats and hacks to help you out in game play. One of the latest is for unlimited money.

The folks over at SomeFilthyCasuals has uncovered a glitch that allows a user to get $12K over and over again.

As explained in the clip, you have to find a specific location and dive underwater to pick up a valuable item. Then, you shuffle between characters and back again to re-spawn the item and pick it up again. You can repeat the step until you have enough cash to satisfy you.

Have you found any other cheats and/or hacks for GTA V yet?

  • Junkori

    You could go get the 25,000 dollar suitcase near the bottom of Los Santos. The Package or Suitcase is on top of a old Submarine or I think is a large boat but idk but the Package always holds 25,000 and is a long way down. So Scuba-gear is a MUST or unless u want to drown. But to keep the Package re-spawning switch to a different character does not matter which one. Example If ur using Treavor switch to Franklin or Michel. Then switch Back to treavor and collect the package as many times as you wish. This glitch has not been fixed my Rockstar yet so I would nail it before they Patch it.

  • Trevor

    Patched 10/01/13. Restoring from save sometimes respawns the suitcase.

  • Joksuli

    Theres no end part of airplane anymore only the cockpit and middle part :/

  • carlos

    Is there a money cheat tho

  • carlos

    Wheres it at

  • roxefed

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  • noah

    Where's the gear

  • noah

    Where's the scuba gear at so I can buy it

  • aaron

    Does the money goto the guy in the water?

  • Smurf

    Is this only for online

  • scott

    Dive down an as you run out of breath change to another player an back again, you will never have to leave from under the water an just find the money!!!