Diddy vs J. Cole

Diddy, J. Cole Get Into Rumored Scuffle — Both Downplay Reports

By BallerStatus Staff   /   Published 08/27/2013

Rumors spread early Monday morning (August 26) about an alleged scuffle between Diddy and rapper J. Cole during the Jay Z and Diddy VMAs afterparty at NYC's Dream Hotel.

Word is the pair exchanged words, which would escalate into physical altercation. However, things were quickly broken up and the party went on... only after Cole was escorted out the party.

NY Daily News' account goes like this: Diddy and Cole exchanged words over the hip-hop mogul's girlfriend Cassie ... and from there, things got so bad that guest Jay-Z stepped in to shield Beyonce. "We were all dancing and the fight breaks out, and it happened so quickly and bottles were crashing everywhere, and everyone was screaming. People got pushed into bottles," a guest told the newspaper. "Then Diddy got up, took the mic and said 'It's all cool! Ya'll keep having fun! It's no big deal, it's over.' "

The news about the fight spread quickly... but both addressed the situation on Twitter, downplaying any confrontation.

"I usually don't address rumors but I got too much respect for my bro @JColeNC. We are friends The rumors are not true. We had a great party," wrote Diddy (@IamDiddy).

Cole added (@JColeNC), "people will believe anything" after ReTweeting a fan "Damn @JColeNC caught a fade by Diddy tho?? #liteSkinN****s lose again."

  • ursocalledgod

    niggaz dont know about Diddy. yall remember that Steve Stout shit? Cole aint built like that he better fall back.