Chris Brown Flaunting Blood Gang Ties Now?

Chris Brown claiming Piru?

Chris Brown has been wilding lately, calling the Los Angeles District Attorney a racist... and is now claiming Bloods?

The singer was in Honolulu, Hawaii on Thursday (August 22), where he had a scheduled performance, and during his stay, painted a a legal wall with his trademark monster characters. However, Breezy signed off the painting with "Fruits Piru!!!"

Anyone who is familiar with the L.A. gang culture knows "Piru" is a Bloods-affiliated term. It's likely a reference to Compton blood set, Fruit Town Pirus.

Chris Brown claiming Piru?

It seems Brown has been repping Bloods a lot as of late. In his newly released video for "Love More" with Nicki Minaj, Brown rocks a beanie that reads "Bompton," a term used by Blood gang members for "Compton."

And, TMZ also caught another Piru comment from the singer on Twitter, in a tweet where he called out Jay Z for not letting Beyonce collaborate with him... and closing it out with "This Piru!" Though, the tweet has since been deleted.

Chris Brown claiming Piru?

TMZ noted that in 2012 Chris tweeted, "I'm no gangbanger! where im from we say cuz,blood, folk, woadie, homie, patna, its slang and ebonics! US KIDS USE THESE TERMS."

What do you think about alleged new gang ties?

  • Gee A$$ Ni66a


  • Getalife

    I think it is bull shiggady; anything to paint a negative picture of this young man. By the way, is Justin Bieber afilliated with a gang as well?

  • ursocalledgod

    little homie better pause that before them boys catch up to him and check his temperature...for real

  • thatnygga166thnycc

    u diru wannabe first it was campanella now its fruits u fake

  • ez rydin

    Much props 2 Chris, he's extremly talented, but WT Fuk is the Bompton hat he's wearing at the end of that muzik video!!. Thatz considered gang attire n we all know he's never been about that life, he's sending the wrong msg, I don't think he understands wut it represents!!

  • truemoboy

    He claimed it himself, stupid.

  • truemoboy

    Corny ass Chris Brown. Why do these rich kids get delusional and think they gangbang once they're famous? Silly.