Kobe Bryant Offers His 5 Greatest Players In NBA History

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant is currently rehabbing, as he recovers from a torn Achilles, but found some time to talk to ESPN 710 radio in Los Angeles, where he discussed his road back.

And, also offered up his list of the five greatest players in NBA history.

"It's not very difficult for me. I'd go Magic, Jordan, Bird, Russell and Jabbar," Kobe said.

"I will say as the years go on people really forget how great Larry Bird was," he continued. "He was ridiculous. And I grew up in LA -- just like everyone else here -- hating his guts. Dude -- the guy was just money."

  • soul

    i like it. and i like how he didn't put himself in there even though he could arguably be.

  • spectator

    I'd have to go with Lebron, Jordan, Chamberlain, Magic, and Bird

  • Juice

    get off Lebrons jock. He aint a great.......yet.

  • Cavadias

    So LeBron is better than Russell??GTFOHWTB, Spectator how old are you 17 years old j hope you're not over 30 fam you sound ridiculous 11 rings!!!smdh

  • spectator

    One thing I'll bet I have in common with Cavadias is that neither one of us ever saw Bill Russell play. But seriously, I hate the Miami Heat (I hated the Yankees back in the 70s for buying championships, too) and rooted for the Spurs this year, OKC last year, the Mavs two years ago. But look at what Lebron has done on the court--driving, posting up, outside game, mid-range jumpshots, unselfish, defense (I'm in awe of the block of the Splitter dunk). This season I reached the conclusion that Lebron has surpassed Jordan as the best player ever. No disrespect to Bill Russell; I could make a case for Russell over Chamberlain, Magic, or Bird, but not over Jordan or Lebron.

  • itseasy

    this isn't his top five greatest players ever.....he said this is his all time starting line up..notice the players in order and their positions. he just put bill as a pf

  • Keith

    Lebron cant go on before Kobe... ever

  • rayjam

    What about Dr J