Miley Cyrus: We Can’t Stop (Music Video)

Miley Cyrus continues to attempt to shed her squeaky clean image and take on a bad girl persona with her latest video/single, "We Can't Stop." In it, she breaks out gold teeth, shows off her body, twerks it out, and even mentions drugs in the song's lyrics ... cause she's "Bout That Life?" Huh??! Ok...

  • SecrtSqurl


  • TJ

    Man....that Bieber kid is getting weird.

  • Ghoul

    There was a time I was once tempted to defend Miley Cyrus. At the time, she was only a kid and everyone was calling her a sl-t for the dumbest reasons.

    Had I known that she'd have grown up to be such a trashy try-hard, I wouldn't have bothered.

  • Lori Hertz

    her mannerisms resemble Madonna of yesteryear.

  • sexysonofabish

    WOW , I BET DADDYS SO PROUD OF HIS LITTLE GIRL, really she just makes herself look like a trashy hoe in this video. lol

  • Missy

    shoot me for it if you want to but I love this song. The video makes me lol though. Shes abit weird but I do love the song

  • Disgusted

    That is the stupidest something I've ever watched.

  • RisingPhoenix

    Disney... really screws these kids up. Holy shit Miley.... WTF happened to you ?

  • mere

    What a hoe!! So disappointing! The video is disgusting!! My kids loved her. She is not a role model anymore!!

  • KH

    This video is weird. Good for her for trying to change how people view her, but I don't understand how she thought this would be a good way to shed her childish innocent image. This was a very childish approach with butt shaking, teddy bear backpacks, and stupid faces. Real badass women don't need to try so hard to be sexy.

  • Cash Reggie Stir

    Bitch doing her, yall broke hoes hatin on creativity? why?

  • MyMiseryMachine

    Haha, Nice try Miley, but it's not working.

  • blah blah

    That was terrible in every way possible. I'm going to go watch rebecca black's "friday" on a loop now to recover from this.....

  • RedBone

    I agree. What's up with her? She's trying too hard at Bad it only makes her a weird grossed out freak. Phoney as the day is long.

  • brendm

    So many girls dance like this...why is it so wrong when Miley does it? I don't see what the problem is... she looks great and looks like she's having fun...leave her alone already.

  • TSJ

    This is what becomes of "development in a vacuum." I don't believe she is able to connect with anyone who has experienced life in the real world. A sad, and frankly sophomoric, attempt at establishing ethos or "street cred." She needs to shut the hell up.

  • Stephanie Fong-Jean Hamilton

    You've got to be joking... Seriously? She's grinding all over everything. Pretending to take her clothes off. Acting more like a prostitute or a XXX film star than a rock star, which she's supposed to be, isnt she? I don't even recall X-tina behaving anywhere near this raunchy in any of her videos - even "Dirty"!!!

    There's changing your "image" and going completely off your rocker! Whether it was her advisers or her that made this incredibly asinine switch, I can't imagine many of her formally loyal fans appreciating this. I certainly don't. Can't imagine Liam would either. I wouldn't want my girlfriend parading around like that. What an embarrassment!

  • SpontaneouslyUnique

    Her persona has gone to great to a disgrace. I am already disappointed and scared for what the future will hold. Miley I think its time to grow up and become responsible for you actions. Your music is alright but your reputation is atrocious.

  • CompletePerth


  • Del

    She's an adult and I'm a child 11. Who the fuck do you think would be wiser? An adult, yes but clearly she's turned into a slut. I'm younger than her and know that's bad. SHE'S GONE INSANE!? And for all those people who think she's being creative and defending her because other celebs do dirty stuff well you are clearly brainless. People that also do dirty things get called sluts too so don't be surprised

  • Not Available

    In my opinion... Miley's video is incredibly trashy. She is only promoting evil things and probably doesn't even realize it. I believe that she will look back and feel very ashamed for creating this filth. Even if she eventually claims not to be part of this crowd, she put herself in that spot and she has lost her reputation. I wouldn't trust her to babysit my little sister. She has become a terrible role model. Sad, sad, sad Miley. Even if you're making fun of this crowd, unfortunately this displays that you have become this crowd and the look is awful. If you had any class before, I am sad to say that it's gone now. I hope you get back on track because this is way off and embarrassing.

  • Billy

    Daddy must be so proud. . .

  • ccacsc

    What makes you think "she doesn't even realize it" and that "she will regret it" SHE LOVES This lifestyle. What ashamed.

  • notmyamerica

    miley is just a good example of hollywood they all suck