NFL Player Kerry Rhodes Claims Kim Kardashian’s Baby Could Be His?

Kerry Rhodes

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed their first child on Saturday (June 15), which is a happy moment... but an NFL player is trying to spoil it by claiming it may be his child.

According to Deadspin, NFL player Kerry Rhodes has recently made the claim that he has been sleeping with Kim... and that their newborn daughter could be his.

The news comes despite recent revelations that Rhodes was linked romantically with a former male assistant.

Rhodes has reportedly sent text messages to several oof his NFL friends making the outrageous claim. "Man this could be my baby!! I was f***ing her the same time as K.West was lol," Kerry wrote in the texts, reports Deadspin.

Kanye and/or Kim have yet to address the claims.

  • Moondog

    hiding behind his GAY self!!

  • ChristieRobinson

    BA HA HA HA..I KNEW it!! Any other baby daddy's come forward now?????

  • ursocalledgod

    hes just trying to thorw the scent off that gay trail LMAO him and mister cee need to come on out of that closet and be free its 2013 yall only making it worse lol smh

  • praising gay ppl…STOP!

    urssocalledgod? STFU!

  • praising gay ppl…STOP!

    NOBODY cares! keep banging your lover dont make it my business!
    there's no heroism in that so move on ppl!!! homeless, military, abuse, ect...!!!

  • N 2 DEEP

    No No No see that was Kerry's boyfriend in a kim K outfit he is just confused. multiple blows to the head (no pun intended) have caused this concussed revelation. Yeezy dont even trip!!

  • Jase

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  • Isaac Bennett

    I knew she was a hoe!!! West you can't turn them into housewives!!! She is use to three things... Black men, black football players, drama!!!

  • Haven433

    XD lying gay ass mother (or father) fucker

  • GeorgeBlackmore

    Hahaha,,, that's funny, nothing could make me laugh any harder than a DNA test proving Rhodes to be the father, and not that conman slug Kanye West.. We will all know whose baby that is soon enough no matter what, because there will be no mistaking whether or not, that baby is wearing Kanye West's ugly mug! Lol

  • GeorgeBlackmore

    Really... It took you this long?

  • Dev2008

    Obviously he is saying it because he was discovered as being gay. In the NFL that is still treated with alienation and bullying. But now we have seen baby Nori and she looks so much like Kanye. Did he really think people would believe him? I guess he was desperate. Kourtney just had to have her child get a DNA test because some moron said he was the father and of course he wasn't. That sucks being a celebrity where you actually have to be subjected to such things, and especially because they are subjecting the innocent babies. Sick men.

  • jlb

    you have to be kidding, do you really need all that much attention to put out a lie.. Good lord man, get ahold of yourself. Might just be your wishful thinking.

  • froo

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