Mic Fights: Tupac vs. Notorious B.I.G. (Most Legendary?) (Poll)

We're back again for another Mic Fights. The Week #3 winner was 50 Cent ("Most Gritty Emcee"), who took 57.67% of the vote (total 7,239) over DMX by a margin of 14%. Additionally, ThisIs50.com ran their own poll alongside ours, compiling 5,271 votes with Fif taking it by just 23 votes. Combined, 50 is the clear winner.

Since 50 Cent and DMX was the biggest Mic Fights yet, we follow with something epic... something classic. Maybe some would argue that this is the biggest hip-hop debate of all-time -- 2pac vs. Biggie.

No matter how you slice it and dice it, both are two of the greatest of all-time. It just boils down to who you think has the upper hand. It's almost impossible to combine their catalogs within this short amount of time, but you get the point.

All I know is I miss this era and everything it brought... it's too dry nowerdays. Sit back, reminisce, and listen to the above video and cast your vote. Polls close next Wednesday!

  • jen

    tupac rapped about the shit people went through in the hood , politics, god, real issues


    Pac all day baby ! Real music rite there

  • DjNate Nizzle


  • Revo Lucci

    well heres my 2 cents.. pac was more flashy with his and actualy a bit overrated if u asked me....

    BIG was more the story teller and honestly i liked his voice and style more

    and i'm most def more into East Coast rap...

    and while for me pac didnt make 1 whole memberable album

    he always had 1 or 2 tracks that would stick out

    but most of it was half decent at best...

    while BIG's 1st album is still a classic for me so my vote has to go to BIG

  • kenny

    I loved them both on some real ish. I listened to them for different reasons though. I loved hearing Biggie from a lyrical perspective, but Tupac had that crazy flow that kept your head bangin. I wouldnt rate either over the other, its apples and oranges.

  • ursocalledgod

    lyrically its biggie hands down his flow and story telling were unmatched. as legendary status goes you gotta give it to pac he not only spit it he lived it. pac spoke black pride and revolution and just all around upliftment for our people. still kept it gritty for his hardcore folowers too. he also def had more memorable songs in his catalog then biggie. biggie only had TWO REAL ALBUMS pac had SEVEN and im not talking about all the bullshit that came after his death. my vote is for PAC

  • tony greg

    Biggie easily!! Tupac was overrated he was a studio gangsta that was all hyped up by the media.

  • james huey

    you do not understand tupac tony greg he had huge plans for the community and the goverment hated him because he was a black man

  • Glock

    tupac had a shootout with cosp because he was defending a black person from abuse. Read about it ?! Now tell me who is the real badass ? What he rapped about he did or will definately do obviously lol

  • Glock

    Also tupac was more "REALER", u do know the BIG grew up in the burbs right ? While tupac did grow up in the ghetto. Even biggies mom confirmed it most his lyrics was his alter ego mostly fictional...peace