Amanda Bynes Insults Rihanna: ‘Chris Brown Beat You Because You’re Not Pretty Enough’

By BallerStatus Staff   /   Published 05/27/13

Rihanna and Amanda Bynes

Rihanna and Amanda Bynes got into a little Twitter back-n-forth over the weekend, sparked by a rude comment from the actress.

The 27-year-old Bynes took to Twitter, sometime over the weekend, and unleashed a random insult to Rihanna, writing (@AmandaBynes): "Chris Brown beat you because you're not pretty enough."

While the motive behind the disses is presently unknown, she made the comment and later deleted it. In an accompanying tweet, Bynes also added that she almost named her dog "Rihanna." Both tweeted were screen captured by various sources, including

RiRi caught wind of the deleted tweets, posting an indirect response (@Rihanna): "Ya see what happens when they cancel Intervention?"

Bynes would respond again... and delete the tweet, writing: @rihanna unlike ur fugly faced self I don't do drugs! U need the intervention dog! I met ur ugly face in person! U aren't pretty u know it!"

This isn't the first time the actress said some random sh** on Twitter. Back in March, Bynes asked Drake to "murder her vagina."

  • itzzjenni

    lmao i like her!

  • Jasmine

    what happens to these young stars after their no longer on top smdh : /

  • Danielle R

    murder her vagina... haha. rihanna is pretty and she knows it! i like amanda bynes but my guess is she was high at the time or something. i dont think thats a problem tho. everyone does it and theres no problem. but when a celebrity does it everyone if off the chart pissed and more and more rumors spread.

  • tay tay

    I am on RHIANNA side duh!!! WT fudge does tat even mean?!?!?

  • Sandra Mohammed Hindawi

    Rihana is like the prettiest thing out there.

  • 1eye2open

    Ever since she started whoreshiping the devil, she is disgusting. All that one eyed pyramid crap is stupid. Why would anyone worship baphomet, how stupid.

  • mahadgshjasdg

    What is happening with Amanda ? She attacked Drake , Rihanna , Miley Cyrus .. I think she's crazy and obsessed about having more fame and don't know what else to do . I liked her , before she turned out to be a jealous bitch !

  • Shewhoshallnot

    And even if she was the ugliest girl ever, she doesn't deserve to be hurt.