Mic Fights: Crooked I Vs. Big Pun (Poll)

What's good Ballerstatus.com readers? This Friday (May 10) we introduce "Mic Fights," where we match up two emcees (alive or dead) and readers debate and vote to decide who is more "lyrical." Each Friday from here on out, another Mic Fights will run. Hip-hop is a competitive genre, almost like sports, and it's time to bring the barbershop talk to BallerStatus on a weekly basis.

I figured the first match up should be something that can have people talking for days. Big Pun was top of his class, when it comes to being a wordsmith and he embedded "Grade A" lyricism into a commercial success. Since Pun's era, one artist who consistently rose up threw the ranks is Crooked I. I have been following Crooked, even before his Death Row days and he gets better and better each year.

When we do these match-ups, it's intended for you to judge each artist, while they are in their prime. Watch the video mash-up above, vote for your choice, and debate below.

  • J Rocketz

    wow my head is gonna explode on this one. I got to say Crooked surpassed Pun.

  • Crooked I, easily he's an absolute magician with the word play and lyricism

  • I mean Crooked I is the best lyricist alive right now, but has he ever dropped anything iller then "Dead in the middle of little Italy". Part of me says Crooked I made it further, but then again Pun's first album outdoes anything Crooked I ever made commericially. I got to ride with BIG PUN!! R.I.P.

  • I agree homie but come on better then Pun's Dead in the middle rhyme scheme? Beware? etc?

  • Imagine where Big Pun would be if he were to still be alive? While Crooked does have some sick lyrics and does have his place in the game, I am going to have to stick with Big Pun. Check out this vid for a Cypher with a few MC's we all know, including Pun. http://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLA0EF24CF451BC532&feature=player_detailpage&v=QEB7E1nCV6w#t=295s.

  • yo hey homie let's be realistic though is a very hard choice and Pun is no slouch but that second album from Pun he wasn't the same animal he was on the first album. Crooked i has always been consistent.

  • ursocalledgod

    crooked all day. pun did his thing for the short time he was here but at his best he couldnt handle the boy crooked i delivery or word play

  • Pun is nice but Crooked I is probably one of the best lyricist in the histry of the game.

  • Dylan Wilson

    You gotta hand it to both of them. They will both go down as two of the greatest of all time. Crooked I is on another level, though. Even though there are so many better verses from him than the ones in this video, he still gets my vote. Pun's Little Ittally line was amazing, though. I wish he was still around today. RIP!

  • Ma$$

    MCing has evolved from the funky style dance music to many ither forms and the most lyrical of today have surpassed those of yesterday so if Pun was alive, it would be a different story but has to be Crooked now

  • dougie_

    Gangster rap ain't dead it took steroids to the brain an became crooked i.....housegang cob!!!!

  • killacountry

    Both are literally fucking god like but it really comes down to who you like more, you can't compare these skills at all they are some of the best in the game, I look up to Crooked and all 4 Slaughters so I chose Crooked but this was a good ass poll idea!

  • I love that line! One thing though... Big Pun made better mMusic than crooked I.

  • daveofthematthews

    I had huge respect for Pun and still listen to him sometimes now but i have to go with Crooked I, His flow is flawless and He's my favorite artist and lyricist by miles so i guess i am biased. Great poll idea though :)


    i still think its a between them but i gave pun my vote because i see he losing in the voting the poll .....ock soprano unda boss records free charlie rock ld

  • DAMMIT! HOW I'MA vote on this?! They both sick. Pun to me was a better song writer though. Freestyling will only get you so far....Ask MC Juice.

  • Lol I agree

  • Shaheim Ali

    THIS SHIT AIN'T HARD AT ALL.. what the fuck ya been listening to for the last twenty years???? ITS PUN WITHOUT A DOUBT! what the fuck has crooked ever done, he got an album with classic lyrics. which one of his songs makes you go DAMN REWIND THAT. don't get me wrong he aight but to compare him to pun is so distrespectful. who ever made this up need to get put in the corner! and than you got ppl on here saying they confused cuz its hard, shit ain't hard, its pun! crooked ain't got shit. like i said name me a album or track and i'll go check it out. this is some dumb shit. have pun vs jadakiss or something, not som bum ass nicca named crooked i . what a fucking joke. smh.

  • Shaheim Ali

    mah man French Montana will shit on crooked WACK ASS

  • Lmfao u got to be high

  • Lol haha i made it up BC they both r lyrically complex

  • No End The Emcee

    damn man...you had to make us really choose...but...im from the west...and as much as i love Pun...Crooked I has my vote

  • Damn Advo this is crazy due to the fact that I'm a heavy big pun and crooked I fan put if pun was here I probably pick pun

  • Revo Lucci

    Big Pun 1 of best to ever do it.. I cant even see how Crooked I could be competition to a legandary MC....+ this is the 1st time i ever listened to Crooked I.. ROFLZ... Big Pun All day

  • Revo Lucci

    Big Pun all day Crooked cant touch a legend.. and Flow wise Pun is 10X better

  • If its the first time u listened to crooked then that's why u won't understand famo lol.

  • B

    Crooked bar none (get it..lol) is the best MC so far in the history of this earth..track after track is fire...he is the GOAT.

  • buckets

    ROFLZ @ 1st time listening to crooked i.... are you 15yrs old fam? this is why you new niggas need to catch up before giving your opinions.

  • ShawnBlayze

    They're both crazy lyrical but I'm a say Pun.. When he hit the scene his impact was big with the lyricism he brought to the game.. Everyone was listening in.. Crooked I is definitely official but I don't think he impacted the game like Pun when he arrived

  • J Rocketz

    Did dis dude say French Montana? You got to be 12 years old.

  • BIG PUN hands the fuck dowwwwnn ,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • split ya belly wit a machete long

  • ThaPhxknRealest

    id say crooked i, rip pun, much love & respect to one of the best latinos in the game....but i think crrooked is more lyrical & versatile..

  • Id Say crooked i...dont get me wrong big pun has mad talent, much love & respect to one of the best latinos in the game, but i think crooked i is more lyrical & versatile than pun...

  • J Rocketz

    I might agree with the more lyrical, but not versatile. Crooked can't a do a "Still Not A Player" or "Punish Me"..

  • crooked
    put out mixtapes and ep's that were better than most albums......check
    out Psalm 82 v 6, block obama 1 & 2, young boss vol 2, these are
    basically albums full of mostly original beats....plus dude murked hip
    hop weekly series, twice....Im from the
    pun era and I loved dudes music but damn crook has put out hundreds of
    dope joints ...aint always just about what u can find in the stores,
    sometimes mixtapes are street albums and thats just as good if not
    better in some cases....Crook gets my vote

  • SiahPeoples

    How is anyone choosing Crooked I over PUN... 90s baby's smh, Im so shocked

  • Scrips

    This is too damn hard. I ain't even voting, they're both ill.

  • youknow

    you're just another guy who's STUCK in the 90's. besides... its not like crooked is new or anything. he got records out since the mid 90's.

  • box5

    Pun come on some new booty rap fans just ain't in the know. Plus it comes down to who can make more interesting songs with out slouching on the lyrics and that's pun all day yell

  • WestPhilthy

    i dunno crooked wit that "sleep with 1 eye open like an insomnisa stricken cyclops until i rest in that pine box" was MURDER

  • WestPhilthy

    this guy is thinkin of crooked i the malt liqour and he obviously drank a case of that shit

  • rakim is better than both of them

  • Anthony West Castaneda

    This Poll is unfair! Pun Is Resting And Crook Is Living. Rhyme Schemes Have Changed Since The 90's Things Have Advanced. Crooked Has Had A Long Career From Virgin to Deathrow To Now Shady Hes Is VERY Polished In His Craft. Pun Passed And Was only Active For 5 Years When He Was Alive. Crooked on The Other Hand Has Been Active for 18 Plus Years. Crooked i Is A Lyrical Monster A Beast. Puns Career Life Span Was Cut Off. Im From The West Coast And Crooked I Is My Favorite Rapper Plus Im not Too Far From The 562 But Im Just Keeping It 100.

  • Not true. 90's bred the best emcees ever. This is a great comparison.

  • Anthony West Castaneda

    1. Ill Let You Tell It !!!! 2. I Never Said It Was A Bad Comparison I Specifically Stated The Word "Unfair" And 3. I Would Never Try To Throw The 90 Era Under The Bus I Should Have Been More Specific By Stating Crooked I"s Is ALOT Better Then When He Was Spitting In The 90'S and Last But Not Least The Fair Way To Do This Is Hearing Crooked I's First 5 yrs And Comparing Them To Big Pun's Only 5 Yrs!

  • That doesn't make sense because each mic fights is each artist in their prime.

  • Anthony West Castaneda

    How Can You Say Pun Was In His Prime ? If Pun Would Have Been Flowing For 18++ Yrs Then I Can See Where Your Coming From But We Never Got To See That. You Should Have Compared Crooked i With Somebody Else Who Has Had a Similar Career. Or Pun With B.I.G Both Passed Both Short Careers And Both M.C. And Not For Nothing But You Could Have Called It The Battle Of The Big Men That Seems To Be A lot More Fair !

  • SiahPeoples

    smh, Pun did it all... hardcore-commercial-comedy - Crooked in 1 lane... Not stuck in the 90s, i just keep the standards of good music from then. besides, choosing to compare these 2 is so random... if you compare cooked 90s stuff to Puns (since he died) i think the winner is clear