Study Says Lil Wayne Has The Dumbest Fans

Lil Wayne

Did you know that most Lil Wayne fans are dumb? It's true, according to a recent study.

According to Yahoo, data for a study gathered on Facebook concluded that Lil Wayne boasted the lowest SAT scores than any other artist.

The study's author found kids from different colleges across the US, and compared their favorite music to the average SAT scores from those schools. Weezy fans averaged an SAT score of 876, giving his fans the title of "dumbest fans," while fans bands like Radiohead, Counting Crows and singer Sufjan Stevens ranked in the 1200s.

The smartest were fans of Beethoven, who averaged the highest SAT scores at 1376. A perfect SAT score is 1600.

Another interesting note was that many people who are into classical music and play classical instruments love Jay Z and Eminem because their songs have unique rhythms and flows that come off as fresh and fun to those who study classical.

  • Angela

    I like lil Wayne. I have an iq of 184. I am not foolish or uneducated. It is just a personal preference i have. Although i do notice that a vast amount of his fan base are indeed juvenile and stubborn. I do like his music. I do buy the albums and i will continue to be a fan.

  • Say what you want, this study makes total sense, and it proves a lot!!

  • Cole

    This was a known fact before, this study was a waste of time and money.

  • nimo

    As a DJ, I've met so many people who LOVE this guy. They love him and his "music" so much they can't even seem to remember the names of their favorite songs. Must be all the prolific drug use.

    Rap used to be more. It used to have a message and a goal. Sure,, music and art are subjective, but what rap music has evolved into is honestly saddening.

    People used to be in shock at hearing 2 Live Crew lyrics.

    If only they could've have forseen what it would eventually become....

  • David


  • thepauper

    184 my ass.

  • thedude

    Youre probably stupid.. And its IQ..

  • spitfiresk8s

    Also that makes you smarter than leonardo da vinci who has the 7th highest recorded IQ of all time.

  • Public Relations

    Y'all are so dumb. As a public relations specialist this is called a fake study of fake facts for publicity! It is required by law to use sources as in how many we're studied what were their ages what was the name of the schools and how did they retrieve access to private information like SAT scores. Uh they didn't because they fabricated the study to use it as a narrative (a story) to motivate ur dumbasses to not like Wayne. It is called Rhetoric of Comminication better know as fabricating stories to motivate the masses to a particular movement! Hope that enlightens ur dumbass sheep selves. Oh just stick me in a circle with everyone else and feed me whatever dumbs shit u want as I just eat it up like a dumbass never questioning information just eating it up and trusting it all. Baha!

  • Guest

    You are correct sir. BUT I bet if they did run this study is would still be accurate! hah!

  • Simply_Connected

    You are correct sir. BUT I bet if they DID run this study it would still be accurate!

  • ygface

    They didn't even have IQ tests in the western world in his time. That is an estimate.

  • ygface

    Its seemed propaganda like to me.

  • Great assessment Smart Person

    Because they performed a study which wasn't in favor of your opinion everyone who agrees is a dumba**? Okay, makes sense!

  • Whoa!

    Do you mean questioning like "Who is Emmett Till?" "Can I pull my teeth and substitute them with metal ones?" "Why can't kids do illegal drugs?"

  • Geoff Morton

    So you've gone and driven the average up... which means, take Angela out of the mix, and Lil Wayne fans are even dumber than we thought.

  • Justin

    Thanks for pointing out the obvious, Yahoo...

  • Sam Shepherd

    Are you sure 184 wasn't your SAT score?
    150 would put you in MENSA, 184 would make you 24 points higher than Stephen Hawking.
    If you have an IQ of 184 then you're a prick for wasting your time on here instead of finding a cure for cancer.

  • Joseph Kendall

    I believe the IQ requirement for Mensa is 131. The only reason I I know that is because I was going to join in high school but couldn't bring myself to pay someone to tell me that I'm smart. I can't speak for anyone else, but that just seems pretty stupid to me.

  • Dre Johnson

    You're correct my iq is 142

    And while this article is a little nutty its a known fact that lil waynes iq is over 140

    2 Chainz iq is rather high too and yet his raps would suggest otherwise