B-Real Recounts Cypress Hill’s Beef With Ice Cube Over Stolen Songs (Video)

If you were a hip-hop fan in the 1990s, then you probably remember the beef between Cypress Hill and Ice Cube, which ignited after the N.W.A. rapper stole their record.

During a recent sit-down with VladTV, Cypress Hill frontman B-Real told the story of their beef's origin, explaining that he missed out on playing a role in Cube's Friday movie and offered him a song for its soundtrack instead. However, when Cube came to the studio to hear it, he got an advanced listen to Cypress Hill's "Throw Your Set in the Air" single... and would eventually steal the concept.

The beef would snowball, and after fights taking place in the streets and diss records, years later, the beef was squashed.

  • CaliSwagg

    Bullshit Cube don't have to steal shit from wack ass Cypress Hill. Ice cube is to hip hop what Jerry West is to basketball. He is the symbol of Hip Hop ain't a mofo in the game fucking with Cube. Icon, Godfather,trailblazer. Man Cube created another master piece with king of the hill. (" saying that I stole your hook, it must be the white boy thinking all nigga's crooks) Classic!

  • Trung

    vahn Tran kieng ly siam ko. Ice Cube lam si do han vi do Cypress Hill. Trung dim la cam tuong dah xian si le. Ni ha Dr. Dre vou shang cio zhi bou mihn si lo. Vihn tri tuhn ah phiang cau rau hah bahm.

  • scabootie@hotmail.com

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