Soulja Boy Under Fire For Posting Photos Of ‘Lean’

Soulja Boy

Following Lil Wayne's hospitalization for an alleged sizzurp overdoes, the prescription cough syrup (or its main ingredient codeine) has been the topic of discussion across the Internet. Despite the backlash, rappers are still unapologetically drinking their "Lean," including Soulja Boy, who has come under fire for posting pictures of himself with the cough syrup.

In imagery posted on his Instagram account (@SouljaBoy), the 22-year-old rapper shows off a bag full of codeine bottles, which garnered thousands of messages from irate fans.

"make that work, work. make the sh** flip," Soulja Boy writes with the photos.

"what about some of the kids that actually look up to u??? U should at least try to be a good example. Drug abuse is NOT cool!! U are wayeee smarter then this.. smh praying for u cause god forbid u overdose," wrote one concerned followers, while another put it more bluntly.

"You are such an idiot,fame take over your bird brain.....DUMB ASS," said one commenter.

What's your take? Is Lean being over glamorized by hip-hop artists?

As of press time, Soulja Boy had removed the photos.

  • FreedomIsntFree

    I understand why we scutinize rappers for posting pics of Lean, but there seems to be a double standard here. What about the trend of songs rapping about molly, or drinking and driving? There aren't as many pictures of these things, but rappers song can be just as influential on the listeners.