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ISPs Roll Out Program Against Illegal Downloads

By BallerStatus Staff   /   Published 02/26/2013

ISPs (Internet Service Providers) will reportedly begun to penalize users who illegally share music, movies or television shows online by sending out warning notices.

According to Yahoo, the nation's five major Internet service providers will implement a program this week called the Copyright Alert System, which is organized by the recording and film industries, targeting consumers using peer-to-peer software.

Under the new system, complaints from a music or film company would prompt an ISP to notify a customer whose Internet address has been detected sharing files illegally.

That person would be given six strikes to stop before action is taken, such as temporarily slowing their connection, or redirecting Internet traffic until they acknowledge/understand their behavior is illegal.

Reports claim the system's focus is to deter the average consumer rather than chronic violators.

Jill Lesser, of the Center for Copyright Infringement, said in a blog post Monday (February 25) that the program is "meant to educate rather than punish, and direct (users) to legal alternatives."

  • disqus_laGqUzLCJr

    What's the difference if someone you know gives you a cd or a movie and you copy it? Is it just because someone's not getting paid? It's all about money.

  • ChristineX

    That's messed up. How dare they?