Thank You Nicki Minaj! Rapper Teases Fans With Bikini Pic For Valentine’s Day

Nicki Minaj in thong bikini on Valentine's Day 2013

Nicki Minaj teased her fans on Twitter for Valentine's Day, asking them what each man wanted for the special day before treating them to a smoking hot photo of herself in a bikini. Can you say DAYUMMMMMM?

"What do #MEN want for Valentine's Day? Tell us!" the hip-hop star asked (@NickiMinaj), before showing off her tropical poolside location... and then a pic of herself in a thong bikini.

"Happy #VagDay boyz... #JerkResponsibly #prettygangmakenoise," Nicki tweeted.

Happy Valentine's Day! Thank you Nicki!


  • 40 oz plumber

    she do be wearin booty pads tho..
    the ass aint all that fat..
    quite basic in fact.. yummy none the less