Native Union Unveils Switch Portable Wireless Speaker At 2013 CES

Native Switch Wireless Speaker

Ttech/gadget bloggers were impressed by this new release on the iLounge section of the 2013 International CES, the Native Union Switch speaker, a finalist at the CES Best in Show awards.

The brick-shaped Switch by Native Union is a portable wireless speaker with built-in Bluetooth technology, as well as an integrated 3.5mm audio input for other music players. It features a simple, yet elegant design, clearly focused on style and ease of use.

The speaker is constructed of plastic and rubber, creating a hard shell with a soft touch. A built-in rechargeable battery offers up to 14 hours of playback time or 16 hours of phone calls. It also serves as a handy backup battery to charge mobile devices, while its microphone makes it possible to conveniently answer calls.

In order to produce high quality sound, the speaker comes with three drivers, stereo speakers and an active bass driver, which is impressive considering its price tag. The Switch is expected to be a boxy alternative to speakers such as the JBL's Flip, which was released in 2012, the Jawbone Jambox and other shameless rip-offs.

The Switch portable wireless speaker is slated to hit stores this Spring and comes in two colors, each priced at $149.99. For more info, visit Native

  • Saw these at CES - amazing sound quality and great features! Best Bluetooth speakers I've seen to date....

  • ajake

    I'm sorry, but there is no way these things can produce 'high quality sound'. Yes they are cute, but no they DO NOT sound good. Not surprsing given this company makes things like iPad 'grips' and 'retro POP' phone handles - I bet there is not a single audio engineer working there. Most likely 'engineered' in China.

    If you want to buy wireless speakers that do sound good (or even amazing!) *and* look great take a peek at the Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin, or Sonos, or if you want something really amazing look at Dynaudio Xeo or the Moos Audio Mini Aero - these are *real* wireless speakers, with incredible build quality and they also look stunning - definitely something for the lifestyle fashionistas among these! Oh yeah, they are not cheap but then the good stuff never is!