Pornstar Lisa Ann Had Sex With Soulja Boy & Bow Wow?'s Jack Thriller recently caught up with XXX star Lisa Ann, who discussed the type of men she likes to sleep with. She has two requirements: they have to be 18, and no married guys. Second, she revealed two celebrity men she's hooked up with, which shocks Jack... can you say: Soulja Boy and Bow Wow?

  • Percy Snow

    Jack stupid as a mutha...

  • Cohibaluvr

    She bad!! I like when she does Sarah Palin!

  • Welbeloved Akulas

    I know she blew the hell outta that 18 yr olds back lol I remember being 18 wooo! She would of had me on the ropes back then lol

  • Alex Hamilton


  • Dan

    Jealous bitch

  • CB

    Hey writer,BEFORE I attempt to listen to the interview, don't you mean she said they have to be AT LEAST 18?? If so, come back and correct this shit. If not, I stand corrected. Now let me go listen to it.

  • I honestly think you can interrupt that either way.

  • abnormalerminia

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