Tony Yayo Critiques ‘Jesus Piece’ LP, Game Responds

Tony Yayo

The disses between G-Unit and The Game continued on Christmas with Tony Yayo offering his opinion on the Compton rapper's latest album, Jesus Piece... and obviously, it wasn't nice.

Sometime on Christmas Day, the G-Unit member took to Twitter to critique Game's album, writing (@TonyYayo): "Jesus piece trash rap."

Game caught wind of the comment and responded with a laugh (@TheGame): "you had to listen to have an opinion turtle face fuck ha ha ha..... Merry Xmas 50's Hoe Hoe Hoe !"

  • disqus_VRQt00nYnb

    didnt yayo go double cardboard or some shit

  • TRUTHteller

    yayo is a horrible rapper.and the game has turned into quite possibly the biggest male bitch in hip hop. it's a lose/lose situation.

  • And when was the last time Yayo was even relevant? Oh wait he never was. NEXT.

  • dellanie

    jesus piece was defle a hit and a banger all yayo gets paid for is moving his hands like hes on suttin and is mr umbrella man

  • Scooby Carpe Diem

    Isn't Tony Yayo the nigga that got paroled after serving a year and some change for gun possession, got out in Jan 04 then (in less than 24 hours) went right back in for a phony passport? Yeah I honestly don't give a donkey D**k or a goat's ass on his album critiquing skills. If "Thoughts of a Predicate Felon" is the kind of work you put in, then you wouldn't think a Decent (but just decent) album like "Jesus Piece" had any gems on it.

    and FYI, You DO got a turtle face Bwahahahaha!!!!!!!!