Jeremy Lin’s Return To NYC Produces Highest-Rated Game For Knicks

Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin's return to Madison Square Garden was big news this week. His Houston Rockets played the Knicks on their home turf on Monday (December 17)... and earned high TV ratings.

According to the Associated Press, Lin's first trip back to New York since signing with the Houston Rockets resulted in MSG Network's highest-rated Knicks game of the season. It drew a 4.77 rating, MSG said -- well above the 3.41 average rating for the first 18 games of the season.

Lin didn't disappoint either. He helped his team to a 109-96 victory over the red hot Knicks. He finished with 22 points and eight assists.

  • poka mah

    And Knicks could have kept Lin to get even higher rating per game! Don't people understand by now. Lin dont have to play well to attract people to see. Lin just have to be visible n people want to see basketball already. Wrong decision Knicks. Even with a great record, ratings can't even beat a one day game. Go Linsanity!