Beyonce Lands $50 Million Deal With Pepsi

Beyonce for Pepsi

Beyonce has reportedly landed a multi-year deal with Pepsi worth around $50 million, serving as its brand ambassador.

According to the New York Times, the deal includes commercials, as well as a multimillion-dollar fund to support the singer's creative endeavors.

"Pepsi embraces creativity and understands that artists evolve," Beyoncé said in a statement. "As a businesswoman, this allows me to work with a lifestyle brand with no compromise and without sacrificing my creativity."

The campaign will coincide with the release of her next album, which is expected in 2013. Following her performance at the Pepsi-sponsored Super Bowl halftime show in New Orleans on February 3, the singer will appear in a global TV commercial for Pepsi ("Live for Now"), her fifth for the soft drink maker since 2002.

As part of the promotional blitz, her image will also adorn life-size standees in stores and a limited-edition line of soda cans (below), which will launch first in Europe in March.

Beyonce for Pepsi

The $50 million will be used for print, out-of-home, as well as in-store advertising and promotions worldwide, with the remainder split equally between Beyonce's fee and a "creative content development fund."

Beyoncé will also collaborate on the design of all materials related to the partnership.

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  • peggy

    No pepsi drinks for me from now on.

  • disqus_xRXRwgMchJ

    u go Beyonce' !!!! we r so proud of u

  • im pretty sure thats what she's doing by being wealthy and being able to afford the kid. yet i dont see you doing sh*t

  • vincent ko

    Who are we kidding, Beyonce doesn't drink Pepsi or soda in general.

  • janessa legree

    I Love The Pepsii Cans Sooo Cute

  • disqus_xRXRwgMc

    who r we? Beyonce don't even knpw or care about you.

  • This is not going to make me drink PEPSI because she on it. Spend that money on real people with real lives. Who is she?? I guess you really don't need a High School Diploma to get rich. Just be in a group marry a camel and have a baby. WOW Pepsi I do it for 100.00 and a years supply a soda....

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  • Redmonkeyfur

    Here's a thought, why not save the 50 mil and just lower the price of Pepsi for consumers?

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  • ILY . You go girl !!!!!!!!!!

  • anne

    Funny how you have no problem with her money, Adrienne, but you have a problem with hard working people in general who have money.

  • Symone

    So true...The woman don't even care about these people.

  • Don't drink Pepsi and I don't like Beyonce'.

  • I guess we don't have to look to far when seeking "who" the top 2% President Obama is referring to. I think she can afford to pay a bit more in taxes every year, just saying.

  • Cathy

    Ain't that the truth. I guess we've forgot about all the people here unemployed, homeless and hungry. I don't care who you are, NOBODY is worth that kind of money. Lord, what have they done with the brains at Pepsi. Glad that I don't drink it.

  • What a great deal... I love the new cans. Watch out for your hair honey, don't want to end up like Michael Jackson.

  • NoVertigo

    Instead of paying millions to a millionaire, how bout paying it to charities, benefactors and fund raisers and show your name that way? Screw celebrities, they are faceless and will do anything for another dime.

  • lol i feel u bro but let's plz tryna see the positive side of things. i'm not a great fan of beyonce but i'll tell that if u should take a look at all the other females in the music industry today, beyonce's gonna come out as one of or maybe the most hard-working and successful. I totally appreciate her hard work. this is business contract that she just signed and uk like any other employee, uve gotta get paid. let's not hate. beyonce is a good role model for girl. she's classy n responsible. She don't tryna expose her private parts to ijmpress peopl like most other artist do. Let's all support this poo woman.

  • Guest

    I dont drink pepsi but i appeciate u Beyonce for keeping up the hard work n being a good role model for young girls out there <3

  • I bet if it were Rihanna, she would be naked on that can of pepsi. What a slut :(

  • I drink pop but in moderate quantities which is what we all need. so i would appreciate it if these pop-producing companies can warn all consumers that it can be harmful to their health if consumed in excess, just like cigarette companies do on cig packets. Well with that said, ima get me a can of Pepsi tonight. better than alcohol anyway ;)

  • pikelcimer

    Pepsi just lost me as a customer and all cos. pepsi owns.

  • congrants from your biggest fan yea