Rihanna, Chris Brown Hug & Kiss In New Photo

Chris Brown and Rihanna hug and kiss.

Rihanna and Chris Brown public display of affection via social media continues to make headlines, as the pair embrace and kiss in a photo she shared with the world recently.

Riri posted a photo of her and Brown getting cozy after one of his "Carpe Diem" shows in Germany.

"i dont wanna leave!!! Killed it tonight baby!!!" she tweeted (@Rihanna), accompanied by a photo of her hugging and kissing him.

Are you happy they are back together? Or is Rihanna making a big mistake?

  • rihanna is retarded, and so is chris brown. they are supporting the stereotypes of dysfunctional black and hip hop relationships and are preventing any progress from being made within the black and hip hop community. this is truly disgusting and honestly, as talented as they both are, the world just does not need ignorant and stupid people like rihanna and breezy and the people who support them being together in any way.

  • Fuck You

    Who the fuck cares??? Stop looking to celebrities to be your role model and look to GOD. No one is perfect in this world and we all have skeletons in our closets. Some people do a 360 and if Brown genuinely changed then that's a good thing so let it be. If he didn't change then that is still their business so idgaf. Let's not forget that they are young adults and will have to learn on their own someday. Shit we all have to wise up one day and as a young adult every decision you make may not be in your best interest although at that moment you may feel it is but that's a part of life that is how you become an wise adult. So stop looking to stars for guidance etc and stereotype bullshit who gaf people are going to think and say wtf they want about you regardless if you give them a reason or not.

  • SipNswerve

    What is she kissing his earlobe??