Chief Keef

Chief Keef A No-Show For Own Music Video, 50 Cent Blasts Young Rapper

By BallerStatus Staff   /   Published 11/19/2012

Did Chief Keef not show up for his own music video shoot? Apparently, that's that sh** he don't like... lol.

The rising Chicago rapper is getting support from Interscope, in support of his upcoming debut Finally Rich. They even put up a budget to shoot a music video -- a rarity these days -- for his next single, "Hate Being Sober" featuring superstars 50 Cent and Wiz Khalifa. But, when it came time to shoot, he was no where to be found, leaving both Fif and Wiz waiting.

"@ChiefKeef didn't show up to his own video. I never saw anything like this on the first song. SMSaudio," 50 tweeted (@50Cent) on Friday (November 16).

"Its not funny @ChiefKeef didn't sell any records yet,they will pull the plug on him.SMSAUDIO"

In photos published to the Internet, it seems 50 and Wiz shot the parts, so it wasn't a total loss. As far as Chief Keef, it's unclear why he missed the shoot. There's a good reason, right? Right?

  • figure me out

    cause 50 cent is a rat, that what he dont like......

  • C. Snowden

    This has been a failure from the start. Keef is hated by many in the black community across Chicago.

  • lol

  • oh