HTC Unveils Flagship Droid DNA Smartphone

HTC Droid DNA from Verizon Wireless

Just in time for the holiday season, Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC unveils its flagship phone for the holiday season: the Droid DNA.

With the "flagship" title from Verizon Wireless, HTC hopes the new smartphone will help in its battle against rivals Samsung Electronics and Apple, to which they've lost ground to in recent years. The wireless carrier stocks models from all three brands.

The Droid DNA boasts sleek and streamlined design, coming in black with red accents. Other features include a 5-inch display and HD image quality for photographs and video, displaying 440 pixels per inch, which (according to HTC) is the sharpest resolution so far on a smartphone screen. In comparison, Apple's iPhone 5 offers a 326 pixels per inch display, while the Samsung Galaxy S III has 306 pixels per inch.

It also includes 4G-LTE connectivity, a speedy 1.5GHz quad-core processor, and built-in 2GB of RAM, as well as the Jelly Bean OS and Beats Audio technology.

The HTC Droid DNA will retail $199 and goes on sale November 21, the day before Thanksgiving. Pre-order now, over at

  • Riley

    I have to say that the best feature of the Droid DNA would be its
    gorgeous 1080p display. I bought a Droid DNA few days ago and I can’t begin to
    explain how good shows look on it. I like to use the DISH Remote Access app on
    my phone, which lets me stream live TV through the Sling Adapter that I have on
    my receiver. The app comes in handy when I can’t see the show at home since it
    works anywhere. One of my DISH coworkers also bough a DNA, and we can both
    agree that there’s no better phone to watch TV on.