Gucci Mane Says Beef With Yo Gotti Stems From ‘Trap God’ Mixtape Release Date

Gucci Mane has been going at everyone in recent weeks. Obviously, everyone's heard the issues with Young Jeezy, the stab at Yung Joc, and most recently, past collaborator Yo Gotti.

Following a tweet, in which he threw a shot at Gotti, the ATL hip-hop star conducted an interview on Atlanta's Hot 107.9 radio station where he further explained why he has issues with his Memphis peer, revealing that it all stems from their mixtapes -- CM7 and Trap God -- dropping on the same day, October 17th.

"I said Gotti was cool with me until he turned into a buster. I never said that we wasn't cool, I said we was cool until this point right here," he said during the interview. "My main problem with him was that he dropped his mixtape on 10/17 (the name of Gucci's record label), and tried to like ride my wave, like he was an artist of mine or we get some kind of money together.

"For an artist to drop they mixtape on 10/17, which is my label on the day I drop all [my projects], why would you drop it on 10/17? When I call you as my partner, to ask you why you did it, you say 'Oh, I didn't know you was dropping a mixtape.' ... It just made me lose all respect from him instantly," Gucci continued.

Despite Gucci's claim, Yo Gotti said that wasn't the case. During a separate interview with radio personality Devin Steel on Memphis' K97, the Tennessee rapper denied that he chose the date intentionally, but simply didn't realize it.

"It came down to ... me and [Gucci Mane] were dropping on the same day. We didn't know it," Gotti explained. "I didn't know it in the beginning. I found out a day or so later, but once I found out -- he supposed to be my homeboy -- I hit his phone, immediately. He didn't answer. I told [his camp] to reach out to me; he never reached out to me.

"Last minute, we in the lab, we heard about the tweet -- immediately, I hit his phone, like 'What's up homie? You good?' We chopped it up. Long story short, from that point, I realized homie had an issue for whatever reason it was -- his free music and my free music coming the same day. I don't really get it, but on the strength of him being my homie, I'm like cool, I'll coming out tomorrow."

  • IROC

    Gotti keeps its 100 wit u, Gucci is one ignorant dude this buster need to lay off them drugs his brain is fried

  • ashlee smith

    Gucci need to sit down some were dang 1st jezzy now gotti he gone learn

  • Flack

    Gucci tripping bruh it's a mixtape really u gonna bitch about a day u don't own or anything of that sort I'm with Gotti on this one and Gucci I fucks with u but u bogus for that one real shit homie

  • dede52

    Fuck gucci.... gotti the only reason dat fuck boy get a pass in memphis!!!! nicca better keep it cool, foe his bitch ass gett caught up in the M.. like flockkA did.... hahaaaa

  • Gunnaz

    Gucci need to lay off dem drugs

  • lilbribadass

    Fuck gucci gotti dont owe him no explanation about shit. Its a fuckon mixtape? Fuck wrong with gucci. He knew gotti was gone hit the charts

  • Gotti is hilarious- "his free music and my free music coming the same day" thats real talk though. Its petty of Gucci to get worked up over something that he aint capitalizing from. "if it dont make money then it dont make sense."

  • I know Gucci not trippin over FREE music? o_O Now I could see if it was an album but dude this is FREE music!!!

  • disqus_W3V6R42kVZ

    Ima gucci fan all day of the week.... but how this nigga gone turn on one of the FEW real niggas in the industry? NOT a good look

  • disqus_Bop8yZU49t

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  • deliciousWhitecastle

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  • Michael

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  • amsterdamshawty

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  • disqus_D8juzk0jBV

    Always an still is Gucci fan jus started fuckin wit gotti but Gucci the best out the problem is loyalty gotti could drop that anyday but he wanna compete G.O.G Gucci over gotti

  • LuLuStylez

    Gucci flaggin LMAO

  • LaFlare

    Man Fuck all yall buster ass squares hating on my nigga Gucci. He the realest nigga in the game so when he put a nigga out on that fake shit dont be surprised and start bitching. Shit and what Memphis got on the A?! Nothing fuck niggas.

  • King Beezy

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  • CMG100

    I like Both Gucci and Gotti but being as Yo Gotti is my all time favorite rapper id say There is absolutely no point to beef over a Mixtape, I respect both rappers but im all Gotti on this one.

  • King Kodine

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