Michael Vick Blew Through $30 Million The Last Four Years?

Michael Vick

Four years after filing for bankruptcy, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick has reportedly blown through nearly $30 million.

According to TMZ.com, the NFL pro has made $31 million since his 2008 bankruptcy, through his salary with the Eagles, various endorsements, and other business ventures. So basically, Vick has spent $29.6 million in the last four years -- $10.9 million going to taxes, $9.2 million to creditors, $2.7 million to lawyers and accountants, and the rest going to various things like child support and living expenses. After which, he was left with around $1.5 million.

Lucky for him, he just signed a new contract with the Eagles. Back in August 2011, Vick inked a six-year deal with the NFL franchise for a reported $100 million. He's slated to get $40 million in guaranteed money, regardless of how things play out.

So, whatever money problems he did have, Vick is good ... for now.

  • brrryce

    "Never learn"? "Blew his money"? Just a quick bit of math on that $31 million and you'll see that more than $23 million went to the IRS, creditors and accountants. I'm assuming that he also has to pay agents and current taxes. I'm pretty sure that doesn't constitute "blowing" your money; and, since paying the IRS keeps you out of jail, I consider that the opposite of blowing your money.

  • sam jones

    All I can say is HAHA, what a loser! Why a dog killer should be getting all that money is senseless anyways. There's billions of people out there, there has to be someone just as good at football that doesn't shame the human race.

  • Russell lancaster

    With 25 million of the 29 million accounted for ( taxes, repayment if debts, lawyers) child support plus expenses, he only blew a couple million in 4 years ... That's nothing for a superstar to spend in 4 years... That's an afternoon shopping spree for the Kardashians

  • James

    Uhhh, it sounds like he's just paying off various expenses and debts... not exactly blowing money on coke and hookers. I think the "Some guys just never learn" commentary doesn't apply, and just shows lazy, thoughtless, provocative opinion sharing. What a joke.

  • soo....you're giving criticizing him for...paying off his legal and financial obligations?

  • Ellen

    This in NOT news. Please let Mike Vick live his life and leave him alone.. Please!!

  • RoninMaximus

    I just had occasion to watch 30 on 30 on ESPN last evening about the subject of professional athletes being broke at the end of their "careers" (as football players, that is)...good lord, grow up and be a responsible steward of the money one is paid for playing a game with a very short career period. Very sad to see this sort of disrespect for such good fortune and blessings...I hope he gets his house in order SOON.

  • Chris

    A loser??? He made a mistake, paid for his crime, got paid again, and handled his responsibilities and obligations. Sounds like a winner to me.

  • Steeler4life

    Who the heck r u to judge someone, u sound like some idiot which never had or will ever have anything. Leave Vicky alone. You sound like a hick from the backwoods. You can't even comprehend nothing.

  • sexcgenius

    Let's see, Vick has a contract that gurantees him millions of dollars. You are on the internet griping about him in the middle of the day when you should be working. I say you are the loswer sir lol