Drake Trying To Leave YMCMB? Lawsuit Docs Claim He’s Owed Millions?


Word is, everything isn't as smooth as it seems within the YMCMB camp ... at least, with some of the stars.

According to ThisIs50.com, James "Jas" Prince (son of Rap-A-Lot Records CEO, J. Prince) filed a lawsuit recently in Manhattan Supreme Court against several men behind Drake's success, including he and Lil Wayne's manager Cortez Bryant, Gerald Roberson, Derrick Lawrence and their firms, including Aspire Music Group LLC, Laurant Management and Three Kings.

Prince says all partieis have refused to provide an accounting of what he is owed, after agreeing to a percent of the profits in the rapper's career after introducing Drake to Weezy and Young Money years ago.

In the lawsuit, Prince claims that he discovered Drake through Myspace in/or around 2007-2008, and introduced him to Lil Wayne, Bryant, and YMCMB executives. At the time, he says he agreed to a split of the profits of Drake's earnings, but to date, hasn't seen a dime ... despite all of the Canadian rapper's success. Ironically, the lawsuit also claims Drake hasn't been paid either.

"He hasn't been paid, and we haven't been paid," Prince's lawyer, James McMillan, told the New York Post.

McMillan also tells the New York Daily News that everyone's hiding behind one man: Ronald Sweeney, who represents both Drake's managers and the record company that pays the royalties.

To date, Prince's lawyer says Drake has sold over 5 million albums worldwide, but the companies are holding onto the royalties and earnings.

"It's one big shell game," McMillan said.

ThisIs50.com reports Ozone Magazine founder Julia Beverly pointed to a specific page of the court docs in a recent tweet (@JuliaBeverly) in which it appears that Drake, himself, is attempting to be released from his contract ... claiming, he's yet to receive a single check.

"Drake's struggle to receive payments when due and proper accountings as required pursuant thereto has been utterly futile," the docs read. "Our careful review of the Aspire and Cash Money Agreements leads us to the conclusion that any rights Aspire and YM/CM mayhave had to Drake's recording services have lapsed and that those Agreements have either expired or terminated by their own terms."

Stay tuned... Browse through the full documentation here.

  • jackpot24

    big surprise , cash money records aint paying haha

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    Of couse nobody can prove who's been paid what! It's CASH Money records!

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    Isn't this the same story we hear about evryone thats involved / works with YMCMB ... what a joke!

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    Didn't Drake just buy a 7.7 million dollar house...aw ok

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    its all fun and games but this Baby Birdman fellas gonna wind up in prison
    sooner or later... watch

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    Why you think Juve, Turk, And B.G. Left?? lol same damn reason..

  • Guest

    if drake leaves YoungMoney i will love him some more. Amen.

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    I don't blame drake for wanting to leave he nice enough to start his own shit

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    If drake leaves the YMCM, it may sink low...Damn,he actually deserves all that money

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    he get money to do those tins,where did he get it from

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    Can't sign them 360 deals with Baby and expect to get paid,lol

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    If it look like a duck & sound like a duck; it's a duck! I love ducks....it's a Playas world......P