Yelawolf ft. Rittz: Growin’ Up In The Gutter (Music Video/Short Film)

Yelawolf shot this short film for the Radioactive album cut, "Growin' Up In The Gutter," months ago. But, following a slow down in promotion of his debut LP, it was held back. Now, the Alabama spitter is back on his DIY grind, dropping a new mixtape this week, followed by the release of this long awaited video.

The Tyler Clinton-directed begins a youngster appearing in a room where he sits in a chair, while his mother enters behind him, drawing the shades and turning on the projector, so the boy can watch a random film as Yela's song bumps loudly in the background. When the camera finally pans to see what the boy is watching, footage of violence and death are revealed. How will this effect the young boy? You have to watch to find out...

Radioactive is out now. Get your copy at

  • jacquesjack

    the label did NOT want this released by the way

  • Jonathan Adlins

    if the label didnt want it released it wouldnt have been released....the young boy in the end is even wearing Dre's headphones which Jimmy Iovine put in himself LOL