Lil Wayne Says He Was Denied Entry Into OKC Thunder Game, Team Says He Didn’t Have A Ticket

Lil Wayne sitting courtside

Lil Wayne was in OKC on Thursday night (May 31), and attempted to head over to Game 3 of the Thunder's series against the San Antonio Spurs, but was turned away.

Weezy hopped on Twitter to express his frustration. "Was going to go to the Thunder game tonight but was denied by the team to be in their arena. Wow. Smh. Go Spurs!" he wrote (@LilTuneChi).

Well, there was a reason the hip-hop star was "denied" entry into the arena ... he has no ticket.

A rep for the OKC Thunder tells TMZ that they "did not deny him," adding, "His representatives contacted us about court side tickets and we told them we are completely sold out."

Despite how Wayne made it seem, the rep says there is no issue with the rapper. He just needed a ticket like everyone else to attend the game.


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  • MoparKing

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  • Mikee R

    I was also denied admission... and I didn't have a ticket either. Where is my story?

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  • evelyn sanchez

    good grief, Lil Wayne, you need a ticket like the rest of us common folks. But we have the sense to purchase tickets in advance for games. Your reputation as a rapper doesn't get you special treatment in Oklahoma. You wanted front row because of the Spurs game, and then acted like all you had to do is request one and it's done? Reputations aren't everything as you may well know now. Oklahoma is not known to bow for celebrities just because they grace our town with their presence.

  • Joe

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  • UAintBoutDatLife

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  • What makes Little Wayne think he is entitled to Free admission; AND a front row seat to boot!!! I thought the Dude had more CLASS than this! Ex-fan. I hate when people assume that they are "entitled" to something that they are NOT!!!? Wasup with that ? Lost the respect of more than one person here...No DoUbT Maybe he is stupid when it comes to social Etiquette? It is what it is.

  • Zer

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    Weird. Why is it that people who have money often feel like they don't have to spend it?

  • TheMokoda

    He deserves courtside seats if he buys a ticket for them. In this case, they were sold out.

  • TheMokoda

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