Guru’s Former Partner Solar Resurfaces, Says He Planning ‘Jazzmatazz’ Tour

SolarProducer Solar, best known for his work with the late Guru, has kept a low profile since being scrutinized by fans and the hip-hop industry following the Gangstarr emcee's passing.

However, he's planning to return.

Solar recently revealed to that he'll be hitting the road with a newly formed Jazzmatazz band, inspired the series of albums released by Guru of the same title. So far, it is comprised of himself, and members of Living Colour.

"Nothing like a pro-filled jazz-ed band live. Add in a horn section, percussion, rappers, guest artists and you got a killer concert," Solar said. "It's a music and culture mix -- a concert like no other. I also get to honor Guru -- just by getting Jazzmatazz back on tour."

In the months following Guru's death in April 2010, Solar came under public fire by not only industry peers -- after being accused of releasing phony press releases on behalf of the hip-hop legend -- but also various members of the late rapper's family, who claimed he had barred them from seeing Guru in the hospital and were keeping them in the dark about his condition.

In speaking to AllHipHop recently, he explained why he disappeared from the public eye since then.

"It took me a long time to pick up the pieces -- make decisions. ... Losing Guru was a lot to deal with, but now I know I can move on," said Solar.

"With Jazzmatazz' 20th anniversary next year, Guru just might be smiling over the fact we will be playing out live again," he continued.

With the re-launch of Jazzmatazz, Solar hopes to "rekindle the pride" he felt in collaborating with Guru in the series, and also hopes that fans will accept him carrying on the legacy.

"Jazzmatazz was Guru's at first, but when I joined, Jazzmatazz became our pride and joy," he said. "I hope to rekindle that pride, that joy and by doing touring, I'm carrying on Guru's legacy. I think it is a fitting tribute to my brother from another mother and to the fans who have been wondering about Jazzmatazz since his passing."

  • Rip guru

    Fuck solar

  • Lake Erie Yacht Nigga

    theres always going to be paracites and believe it or not they do serve a purpose..
    solar is just doing HIS thing..
    if you really think about it this all makes perfect sense..
    eat off the dead I said

  • Solar needa go sit his ass down

  • Truth1

    I love Guru and Solar. I can't wait for the concerts I saw them  Live and it was incredible.
    this is what all the the real Guru fans have been waiting for. RIP GURU 7Grand baby

  • Iggy

    saw guru and solar live. great show. Solar
    is on point bringing jazzmatzz back for the fans. Know it must be hard for him doe

  • Linda

    Guru and Solar are Jazzmatazz. People are hating for no reason at all.

  • Tam

    One of the best concerts I've seen was Jazzmatazz. Guru and Solar was fantastic.

  • Ted

    Their concerts was the shit. I'll go see Solar. Where can I buy a ticket.

  • Free

    Solar's Roger Rabbit he was framed. If any of that shit was true. He would be in jail.

  • Marco

    Solar was definitely framed. Guru always said that Solar was his brother. I'm a fan of Jazzmatazz and Solar so I can't wait.

  • Bob Grant

    Solar is best to represent Guru Jazzmatazz legacy. We all know the people who did for two years and failed. They  only repped themselves, and made Guru and Solar look bad.

  • Royal

    Nice to see Solar back. Guru would of wanted him to keep Jazzmatazz alive.

  • Maskatron

    Looks like Solar has posted under several different alisases here, just like he does on YouTube.

  • djdishman

    Mr. Mo'Sher (aka Solar)...

    I find the way you perpetrate as a fan(s) of yourself and comment on this article, how great you be comical, to say the least. You definitly do not have 10 or more fans, definitly.
    There is only one cat whom should represent the "Gifted Unlimted Ryhmes Universal" persona...Premo.
    I am looking forward to keeping tabs on the "turnout" for your performances. Good luck! You will need it.

  • jazzybill

    Good to see him bring back Jazzmatazz. I'm a fan.

  • jazzybill

    I'm a fan of Guru and Solar. I cant wait.

  • Ace

    You haters hate on everybody. Lets keep it real yall hated on 2Pac when he waz alive. Yall are just hatin ass clowns.

  • Easy

    From what I always heard Guru called Solar his brother. So its fantastic that Solar carries on the Jazzmatazz series

  • F*** Solar the b!tch

    I hope Solar you f***ing bastard end in the hell

  • Gee

    Solar, give it up. I agree with the person below me...those posts of praises below were written by you. You've been trying to live off the Jazzmatazz thing for so long because you know that if you did a project that wasn't related to Guru, no one would give a flying fuck. Even then so, true fans of Guru probably wouldn't come to see you if their lives depended on it. You rode his coat-tail when he was alive and now you're trying to profit off of his legacy after death. How can you face the public as a man of honor? Get a freaking life and pave your own way. How the hell are you out and about doing tours, when you should be locked away in prison?

  • zOomzilla.

    FUCK SOLAR, no wait let me say it again FUCK SOLAR. He should be in prison for what he did to Guru. REST IN PEACE GIFTED UNLIMITED RHYMES UNIVERSAL, ONE OF THE GREATEST EVER. - A true fan!

  • Gordito

    Yust for the cause: FUCK SOLAR !!


    Solar you should be ashamed, you're a parasite who leached off Guru and you're responsible for his death. Like some one said below here, how are you going to be touring when you should be in jail ??

  • Midnight

    solar you have lost all integrity posting fake comments. Im surprised u aint been murked yet. it wouldn't be wise to draw attention to yourself because people r out and about looking for where you live. The best thing u could do is actually make some good music through effort and if it is sonically good.....people will appreciate it......keep trying to eat off a legends legacy and the gs gonna lose all patience. dont let the ninjas pay u a visit b......u think u cant get touched? I dont wanna hear another sentence when you mention yourself in the same line as the god...word is bond

  • Flow

    Hmmm... remember the tune 'Execution of a CHUMP (No More Mr. Nice Guy Pt. 2)' -- wow, a verified foreshadowing of what was to come. I think we all know who the CHUMP turned out to be... Step off Solar, you're just a pretend, uneducated, untalented nobody trying to grab a piece of something real that's not yours. You did ONE Jazzmatazz album -- you have no right to call it yours. Continue on your extended vacation FOR GOOD. Hide, disappear, be gone with you. No one needs you. What was left behind by Guru, Premier and GangStarr stacks up FAR FAR FAR FAR beyond what you could ever do. CHUMP!

  • Thomas Harris

    Solar a piece shit .u destroyed his mass appeal that classic joint that him and premo did.The legacy is Guru son and premier. So back that fuck up stranger.I promoted more gangstar music than u also I'm d.j so mix more Guru albums than,if u want keep really100 I only like one cut from that jazz series the cut is Trust Me which we all know u can't be trust , treating that Muslim brother like a smelly crack head ,while he's laying all helpless!!???P.S God takes care of his own. May God bless u Guru,the music thank you.


    Read the emails he sent out