Kanye West Sued By Singer Robert Poindexter Over Unauthorized Sample

Kanye WestLawsuits and sampling music goes hand in hand, just ask Kanye West.

According to Rolling Stone, the hip-hop superstar was recently hit with a lawsuit from singer Robert Poindexter, of the soul band the Persuaders, who claims that West used an uncleared sample of the 1972 hit "Trying Girls Out" on the remix of "Girls Girls Girls", which appeared on his 2006 mixtape, Freshman Adjustment 2.

Poindexter claims that he tried to contact West, in an attempt to settle the matter out of court, but he refused to discuss it.

"I have offered to resolve this matter out of court with Kanye West," Poindexter said. "But in response, he has refused to even discuss any 'out-of-court' resolutions whatsoever. Nor has he provided any evidence that he is demanding others to cease and desist from selling the illegal version."

The mixtape was released as a free download, and was not commercially distributed, so it's unclear if the lawsuit holds any merit.

Poindexter argues that West "willfully infringed the copyright for private and financial gain by selling and distributing an untold amount of physical and digital copies of the illegal version (mixed tapes/street albums) to the general public on internet downloads and through the mail."

West recently settled a lawsuit for an unauthorized sample of soul singer Syl Johnson's "Difference Strokes" for his 2010 My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy record, "The Joy."

Details about the settlement were unknown.

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