Yelawolf Gets Johnny Cash, Fefe Dobson Tattoo On His Head

Yelawolf - Johnny Cash tattoo

Shady Records' southern signee Yelawolf added another tattoo to his collection recently, getting a portrait of the late Johnny Cash on his head.

As you can see in the photo, the rapper inked a the portrait of Cash and his wife June Carter on the right side of his head ... but adorned it with a little personal flair -- the name of his current girlfriend. The name "Fefe" is placed on the country singer's arm in the piece, in honor of Yela's current girlfriend, Canadian singer/songwriter Fefe Dobson.

What do you think? Dope tattoo, or not?

  • Sickolicious

    Should have had Franco, cartoon, Steve soto, Chuey Q or Carlos Torres do it.

  • Jamesanaheim

    Francos a beast..he did my portrait ..

  • Stanley_n_Ky

    Johnny Cash was racist... Even got a song named "niggers" go back to africa 

  • Poopface

    so what you waitng for coon?

  • Chi

    Actually it wasn't Johnny Cash it was some dumbass racist named Johnny Rebel who slightly sounds like Cash...just barely though. Anyone who knows Cash's voice can tell it's not him.