Did Lil Wayne Get Engaged To Girlfriend On Valentine’s Day?

Lil Wayne and DheaValentine's Day is big for any couple, but for celebrities, most pull out all the stop ... even Lil Wayne.

According to TMZ, the hip-hop star surprised his girlfriend during dinner at Miami restaurant Barton G, slipping a massive rock (ring) into her dessert ... and exclaimed "SHE SAID YES!" on his Twitter page (@LilTuneChi).

Source at the restaurant told the website that Weezy secretly handed wait staff a ring with a giant yellow rock on it during his meal, and asked that they hide it in their signature sundae.

Shortly after she discovered the ring, sources said the rapper jumped up and shouted to the entire restaurant: "SHE SAID YES!!!"

The tweeted got a lot of attention, with his nearly 5.5 million Twitter followers thinking Lil Wayne had just gotten engaged.

But, Weezy later tweeted the following to clarify: "I meant 'she said yes' to being my valentine!!! Hahahahahahaha! Y'all krazy!"

Umm, what else would they think Weezy?

So, for now, the rapper claims he's still a bachelor.

Lil Wayne is rumored to be dating Arizona native Dhea, who reported works (or worked) at Suede Restaurant & Lounge in Scottsdale.

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