BMF’s Bleu DaVinci Explains Beef With Young Jeezy, Calls Him Out For Not Supporting Big Meech

Everyone knows that Young Jeezy has been down with the BMF family since the beginning of his career, but was never actually signed to their label. In fact, BMF Entertainment only has one sole artist: Bleu DaVinci. But, he's always let it be known that he reps BMF.

However, as evident in interviews since being released from prison on drug conspiracy charges as part of the BMF indictment, DaVinci has made it clear that he and Jeezy aren't the best of friends.

In an interview with New York's power 105.1 radio show, The Breakfast Club, the rapper explained his problems with Jeezy and why the two never really got along. After recently calling Jeezy's fanbase a bunch of "homos," DaVinci discussed why, saying that the ATL rap star is fake ... and doesn't support BMF leader Big Meech, despite calling out his name on songs and in the media.

DaVinci calls out Jeezy for not helping Meech's legal dealings despite supporting him early in his career.

  • Mr George3rd

    F@@k Meech! He put himself in jail. Why would he do that and the Feds are watching? I hope this group never get back up. Black people need to stop supporting drug dealers and making them heroes.

  • this nigga jeezy a bitch he tryna get at ross for callin meech name yet his bitch ass ain't even that cool with meech what a fuckin loser

  • Pablo2tymes

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  • Shit

    Jeezy the reason ppl know BMF. But now 8yrs later afrer Blu flopped twice its now suddenly Jeezy's responsibility for Meech's legal fees?

  • DTE

    Bleu should shut the fuck up, dude cooperated with the feds and blamed Meech for getting him involved with the dope game so it's not like he looked out for Meech. And in Meech's interview with FEDS Magazine he actually said that Jeezy's been to visit him, aint that looking out for someone?

  • Mr George3rd

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  • Anonymous

    smh see what happens when you get mixed up wit so-called
    gangster knee-grows like this?
    meech SHOULD have more money stashed away than jeezy'll
    ever make rappin

  • Mac702

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  • eldred

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  • sandusky88

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  • Anonymous

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  • MIzzLadyA

    First of Big Meech supposed to be a top dog why can't he pay for his own legal fees ? Jeezy said it on tm103 in his "Nothing" he says 
    "U AINT REAL IF U DONT GIVE THEM WHAT U ASKING FOR" U SUCH A REAL NIGGA WHAT THE F*** U ASKING FOR"?? so why is bleu & meech asking ?? Jeezy been on the map ! why would he help pay for meech appeal & then get charged with conspiracy ?

  • Stevenscofield

    Niggas is so dumb, jeezy is a boss himself, big meech his own boss,they hang,make deals,party,and who knws, this nigga blu so wack he ask jeezy to put his shit on the line n they beefing,why the fuck big meech didnt ask jeezy himself betta yet wat the fuck u sign up for smethng u couldnt handle yoself meech u faking deals tryna get back up,my nigga cn say yo name u aint knw stranger,u was his nigga bt we see u faking n flaugn deals with cuchiemane

  • Stevenscofield

    Jeezy aint real cause of money all niggas gt Ha haaaaaa n jeezy voice!!! Clowns

  • Shelbystiger

    U niggas ain't got a clue dawg. Im from H town this fam shit is real all over the globe.Ima let u know some real shit jeezy the trill og of them all bc he carrying and leading the fam like he supposed to. As for bleu and meech I'm very disappointed that u would choose sides over yo real fam dawg. O.G. we need to sit at the table and iron this shit out or just lay it on the line cuzo. We ridin fo JEEZY nigga get down or lay down. Like 2Pac said "what would u do if u was me nigga against all odds".

  • Jamilia

    Jeezy gotta look out fa himself and not be on sum dumb shit tryin to save another nigga when da Feds watchin shit and got everythin on lock dat way..... Shid him helpin another nigga ain't gone do nun but get him in jail and if Meech was a true soulja to da game he will go down and get all this shit fixed on his own and call it a lesson learned also learn from da fuck ups than to let one of his homies or whateva you call him and Jezzy's relationship and just take dat shit fa team instead of two ppl in jail when da other can't be out there in da world makin shit happen fa when this nigga Meech get out!!!!!! That is all.....

  • B.M.F. Mob Life

    Big meech is a real dude, if meech wouldn't have supported jeezy we would have never heard of young jeezy. Who do u think put his ass in that silver ferrari? Meech bought that shit!! He owe meech!! A real friend stays true through thick and thin.

  • Lls26

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  • B. fof Krow

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  • true g

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  • pftek

    LOL so Meech is fucked, what is Young Jeezy Supposed to do now? Everybody knew what they were getting into, Jeezy probably lucky to not get wrapped up in that legal fed shit.

    What Jeezy can't help meech nobody really can but at least he visit him.

    Blue is a co conspirator from the case so he pry rat on somebody..

    how is jeezy going to help meech with anything besides (possibly) keep in contact and support
    this is dumb shit blue is a fag

  • Khalil Mann

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