Loon Ordered To Remain In Belgium Prison

LoonNew details have surfaced in former Bad Boy recording artist Loon's drug trafficking case.

Although a previous report indicated the rapper (real name: Chauncey Lamont Hawkins) was set to be extradited to the U.S. to face heroin distribution charges dating back three years ago, a new report says he will stay overseas for the time being.

Nieuwsblad.be reports that Loon has been ordered to remain behind bars in Brussels, Belgium.

His lawyer Isa Gultaslar said that a grand jury ruled that he will remain in prison for an unspecified time frame, but they plan to appeal the decision in Supreme Court.

At press time, the U.S. is yet to send documents for his extradition.

Loon was arrested in May 2011 on charges that he "knowingly and intentionally" possessed with intent to distribute at least one kilogram of heroin in North Carolina.

After he was released on bond, the rapper fled to Algeria and has been on the lamb until authorities caught up to him in Belgium in late November.

Loon's music career has been quiet in the last five years. After his Bad Boy self-titled solo debut, Loon released several independent albums, most recently 2007's Bad Boys with another former Diddy protege G-Dep, who is also incarcerated after confessing to a 1993 murder.

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  • Hdogg1018

    It's the Bad Boy curse......

  • Acefreshideas

    To be honest this is past crazy.I reconverted back to Islam after watching how this brother become strong and removed him self from all the bad influances that the entertainment lifestyle has to offer. This really hurt me deeply to see a man get the chance to have made his hajj and move away from this evil country and become a faithful servant for Allah. I can't judge him only Allah has that right. I will pray that Allah has mercy on him and bring him out of this unthinkable situation. He is still considerd my brother I just hate to belive after all he has gained all the knoledge and brother he has gained. May Allah frgive my brother because satan decieved him, but only Allah knows best!

  • mohammed munir kadiri

    This a test of faith, believe me fr Allah said; do people think they will be left alone to proclaim faith(i.e to say we believe) without being tested;? And verily we tested those that came before them, and then Allah knew the truthful ones and those that are traitors(liars)......Allah has spoken the truth.