Common Drops Drake Diss, Airs Out Rapper & Labels His Songs ‘Hoe Music’

Drake and CommonA rap beef is heating up between Common and YMCMB's Canadian star, Drizzy Drake.

Common has fired back at the rapper after his subliminal shot on Rick Ross' new mixtape track, "Stay Schemin'", where he spits: "It bothers me when the Gods get to acting like the broads / Guess every team doesn't come complete with n****s like ours."

So, in response, Common has fired back, dropping a verse dedicated to Drake over the same track (listen below), featuring Ross, French Montana, and "That Hoe Ass N****."

"Everybody know you sweet, what the problem is / Don't play dumb, I'm the one that acknowledged it / Son of a bitch, I imagine what your father is / She said, How you make your opponent / Rapper of the moment, his style he don't own it / Acting all hard when he hardly like that / Mess around and make me catch a body like that / Don't do it 'cause every song you make is really hoe music / I heard you said wasn't a bitch 'cause you sing, you a bitch 'cause you cling like a bitch that's 18 / Can't say my name, but rap about n****'s wife / You show black and white tryna live a n****s' life / I'm taking too long with this amateur guy / You ain't wetting nobody n****, you Canada Dry," Common spits.

Now things are in Drake's corner. Will he respond?

Common started the beef with the single/music video "Sweet," in which he called out singing rappers who are "sweet" overall. While he never mentioned Drake by name in the song, he revealed last month that he was, indeed, the target.

"The verse is like, about me, but then, when you hear some of the stuff on the chorus, you can't help but think about [Drake]," the Chicago rapper explained in an interview on Shade 45's Sway in the Morning radio show. "I guess that's how he felt. So yea, at the end of the day, he fit in that category. He already embraced it, so wear it."

So far, Drake has yet to comment on Common's new verse. However, at the end of the track, Common warns Drizzy to face him "man-to-man" and not hide behind others.

"Man to man, don't hide behind them other n****s. This man-to-man, you can run behind them man. This some real man sh**," the Chicago rapper said.

  • Anonymous

    Don't get me wrong common is that nicca. He got that old school flow that will kill shyt. However idgaf what nobody say about drake he is still that nicca and will murder a fuckin beat when he wants. Just because he sang don't mean he a bitch he let his feelins out so people can feel him in his songs. I doubt drake will respond but if he was to he'll fuk common up on today's rapping tip

  • Muggamason

    Shut up Lmmfao

  • Aaa 11111

    lmao. if you think drake can outrap a rapping legend you sir are a ignorant fuck

  • Therealridewitcommon

    Drake is a pussy and will get his ass kicked by common both lyrically and physically.

    Drake is fakin it. Tryin to be hella hard but sounds like a retard.

    I'm ridin with common

  • Don Mccreary

    Fuck drake soft ass, never was on his bandwagon. Only time I listen to drake is when I'm getting pussy.

  • Dondade

    FOH, drake was comminting suicide against these made men.. well I guess either go big or go home ..

  • Therealhiphop

    Fuck Drake
    Fuck Officer Ricky

    Let's see is officer Ricky "rides" for Drake.. Fake ass bitch ass officer Ricky ain't gonna do shit but eat some donuts.. This is a perfect collabo.. All pussies and no dicks found themselves in some serious shit! lmao

    Common is the truth! I can't believe cDrake would act like he was excited to run into common... Common will fuck you up drake.. Better shut your mouth!

    Get off that coke and act like a man... Quit fakin it Drizzy whizzy fuzzy rozay... Pffff whatever the fuck you e-tards call yourselves...

    I ain't never bought a drake album and never will. Because it's hoe music... Thanks common for putting this pussy in his place!

  • Anonymous

    Wow.  I dont even think you're kidding. . .

  • TMAN

    LOL.....Common be on some hoe shit too! Remember the songs "The Light" or "Ghetto Heaven?" I like Common but don't be acting like you always hard on your tracks cuz you ain't.

  • Bee

    Common is a bitch ass niqqa just trying to find a way to sell a cd. Smt, Common, if legend stands for played out, you sure fit that category. Drake didn't start this so Drake doesn't deserve to be talked down about. If Drake wants to sing, let him sing. Like Drake said "I know that showing emotion don't make me a pussy... I don't make music for niqqas that don't get pussy, so those are the ones I count on to diss me or over look me."

  • Bgmdeuce

    LOL , like Common said...if the shoe fit niqqa!!! Drake really don't want none of one of Chicago's finest...South side!

  • Jps

    I hope you know, drake took offense to commons song.  common said whoever is offended by his track, its about them.  This is on drake.  

  • Anonymous

    Common or gtfo. 

    "The word of the lord, amen"

  • Abcence

    Thing is, common isn't saying he comes hard or always comes hard...common is quite a versatile rapper.  He can be political "song for assata", he can be poetic "i used to love H.E.R...this herb Drake just doing thug music when hes NOT a thug, then he turns around and sings on tracks like a lil bitch.

  • Funny when I hear the “trying to sell records talk.” You can
    hear the shit for free on any blog, 100s of youtube videos and countless other
    ways.  20 yrs ago you would buy album to
    hear some beef shit.  You Aubs fans need
    to step your argument game up. Then again I guess that if you think Aubs is
    dope it pretty much sums things up in the first place.

  • TheReal

    Wow this is soft. This beef is so lacking I'd call it vegetarian


    2pac/Biggie.  Nas/Jay

  • wise hood nigga

    ROTFLMAO!!! You must be 10 a bitch in heat, or a huge troll. 

  • Wise Hood Nigga

    Common is an emcee drake is a rapper. The "hoe ass nigga" has come out with 3 real songs in his short LL Cool J-eseqe (Successful light up, and fear). Bottom line is common has already murdered him. However, he will still have a carrier because the teenage sheep, that buy what the TV tells them to, have bought his image already. 

  • Respect4realrap

    That is the wackest shit I've ever heard... I get plenty of bomb pussy and I'm not fooled by drakes bullshit music!

    "Rapper of the moment his style he doNT own it."


    Common wins... Now they need to fight...

    For real I think common is all coked out trying to be way too hard... He's bubble gum... Stick to the hoe shit, industry hoe.

    Wtf you think rhianna isn't fuckin wit drake.. Hes got no game.. Just bitches attracted to fame...

    God, this was over before it started.. Common wins hands down!

  • woopt

    common is a heavyweight. drake is a flash in the pan

  • nigga1910234


  • JustJason

    Common didn't start the beef.  Go back & listen to "Marvin's Room" which was dedicated to Serena Willians

  • tonysolo

    They should battle for real. Drake might need to use a stunt double, though.

  • Tonysolo

    Drake only plays an MC on TV.

  • N Kwame08

    Lmfao overall beefs are stupid be man and say it straight up rap bout it be bout it

  • Rynepayne

    I'm sorry but common made along about falling in love with a deaf girl. Drake talks about fucking strippers. Both of them touch the sensitive subject. Common just fallin off and tryna hate on a young nigga being real to himself and others. Common need too focus on kids and his life instead of a nigga singing.

  • lol..Fuck Common Hating Azz..Yea Drake Sing.."Everything aint Harecore"...Common Aint Do Non Of Diz Shit When HOV was on dat Azz..."Money Over Everything..Money On Drake Mine"..Yea Common Is A BETTER MC((Becuz How Long He Been Around)) BUT Az Of RIGHT NOW..2012 (NOT 1992)..Hiz Azz In Da Backseat..YES He Tryna Sell Some Records..Drake Hot swo why not Go After Him To Make All Da TEEN Who DONT Know Or are For His Old Azz Wanna Know Who Da Fuck He Is...TBT..All dis Shit Is WWE..

  • Nychris

    If u think common is a legend you sir are a fuckin moron

  • Nychris

    U r clearly an idiot. 'nuff said

  • Nychris

    Did u not read the lyrics? Pretty clear common thinks he is hard. How can u call a dude soft and a hoe if u dont think you yourself is hard? Common sense dude

  • NYchris

    Well fuckin said! Could not agree more.

  • Nychris

    U r an idiot. The fact he put them on free sites means he is trying to get free publicity so that more ppl will like him and buy his music. Maybe u should take business 101 although based on your ignorance I doubt u r in college. 20 years ago is 20 years ago u moron. Media/entertainment industry has obvi changed a lot since then esp with the development of something called the Internet

  • Nychris

    Way to make your foolish opinions sound like fact. U r absolutely wrong. Common has been irrelevant for a long time. Drake is the hottest rapper in the game. He's been on the billboard 100 so many times over the past year. Can't remember the last time common had even one single on the billboard 100

  • Nychris

    Common has been washed up for years now. Either u r from Chicago or u r a complete idiot. I'm guessing both

  • Nychris

    Common never was a heavyweight. Get real

  • Drakes a Bitch

    Fuck that. Aubrey just fucked himself, Common murdered him and there is no way he can come back. Common makes REAL music, your boy Aubrey makes the kind of music I like to take a shit to. Dude is a fucking joke - he has a girls name, is Canadian and half fucking Jewish, and played a kid in a wheelchair on Degrassi, the absolute whitest show ever created. He's ruining hip hop along with the rest of those Young Money faggots. It's artists like Common who are gonna bring it back.

  • Therealridewithcommon

    Wow NYchris you are seriously a girl right? You must be gay cuz you act like you got drakes dick in Yo mouth every night.

    You're the teenage sheep that the dude above was referring to. Idiot.

  • Truth

    Say what you want about Drake,but the last time I checked he's selling albums, and featured on Common's wife ( Alicia Keys) songs so Common is a bitch.

  • Miss Me

    And exactly when did Common & Alicia Keys get married????

  • Realhiphopshit

    No, he is regulating the game... Drake is the worst rapper to hit the sceen since officer Ricky hands down

  • common is undoubtably a HIP-HOP legend

  • it's become apparent you have no idea what you're talking about.

  • zacg

    No you're a dumb shit if you don't think so. Common can easily be placed in top
    10 all time. One of the few who could hold their own on a track with Nas in his
    prime, dude murdered Ice Cube even worse than he did Drake, released classic
    albums, Used to Love H.E.R is prob the greatest hip hop song ever
    made....yea...he's a legend now go jerk it to drake and the rest of the young
    midgets crew

  • Brandon Galloway2

    Your ignorant , go die in a hole.

  • Lilive3

    Ppl wana have drakws soft back so bad cuz he mess wit wayne but yaw mad cuz somebodys finaly sayin outloud these NIGGAS ARE GAY SOFT AND WACK...kissin each orher fake bangin hooooes

  • Realhiphopsince78

    Used to love h.e.r. puts common in the top ten just off that track, drakes whole catalog doesn't even put him in top 15, maybe top 20

  • Drizzyisstoopid

    Commons goin hard on the track but he has never labeled himself as hard or gangsta, but u take a dude from the hood and test his manhood or talk about ur lady u gon act hard too, the chi isn't a "nice" city, Toronto is a hoe city breeding ho bitches that wish they could rep chigago or new York. Even the state of Nebraska goes harder than Toronto

  • LatinChick

    Seriously man all I see is YOUR damn name replying to EVERY PERSON'S COMMENT THAT IS SAYING SHIT ABOUT DRAKE. Why you off Drake's meat like that? Seriously, you're a faggot and a pussy that obviously wants to fuck Drake so bad. Lmao. Sorry your boyfriend got fucked up by Common lyrically.

  • LatinChick

    If you think Common and Alicia Keys are married .... you obviously know nothing about music already. Your statement is invalid. #PackItUp

  • Tripnicjake555

    Drake gon murder his ol ass

  • Hello_1993

    lol yup give it up for my nigga ''don mccreary'' shoutout

  • Ngl_cll

    Real shit drake a bitch and all of ymcmb fucking faggots take care is the softest CD ever made he only good to pull bitches that pussy come from a rich town in Toronto I swear these gay ass niggas following Drake and Wayne with they tight ass jeans swear they gangsta fuck outta here come to my hood and get merk north Philly Badlands 215 my girl 5ft tall and small I bet she knock soft as Drake out

  • 7jeanss

    Niggas always hating on Drake , what he does gets him money  so why yall on his DICK so much.

  • CommonOverDrake

    I dont know when drake puts out a new track because every "new song" sounds like his last. Word to common calling it hoe music that's exactly what it is.

  • Ngl_cll

    U lost in suace when the fuck did common married Alicia Swizz her husband. Don't try to make a point if you don' know your facts

  • Commonsaidit Drakembracedit

    I don't if I should respond to ur stupidity and ignorance or take a a tylenol bcuz u have clearly given me a headache reading all of ur contradictory stupid statements and then the nerve of u to call someone else an! Actually ur the idiot. Other ppl do load songs and videos on wshh, youtube, etc for free so the artist is not necessarily doing it to get free publicity or to sell records when u clearly can have access to it for free. I'm pretty sure if ur not a fan of Common's at this point he probably doesn't long has he been doing this...he's def not new to it. It doesn't sound like ur in college or even graduated high school for that matter with the dumb ish u just said. Yes 20 years ago is 20 years ago, but the point is (and u even proved the point) how is he "trying to sell records" when like u just stated the industry has changed "esp with the development of something called the internet" so buying records is not the only option any more to hear a song or album for beef  when u can more than likely get it for free because of the "development of something called the internet". Since it's not 20 years ago when u could say to someone that ur just beefing to sell records since that was the only way for fans to hear a song was to buy the single or full how exactly did u discredit what @twitter-115092765:disqus was saying because I'm confused at this point. U really proved his whole statement to be true, lol...#clown @35c12430763ad9c5a58c0d91d695b5c8:disqus 

  • BGV3

    Everything Threalhiphop said is true...Can you explain why he's an idiot? Untill then you're a dumbass. 'nuff said...

  • Commonsaidit Drakembracedit

    "Common started the beef with the single/music video "Sweet," in which he called out singing rappers who are "sweet" overall. While he mentioned Drake by name in the song, he revealed last month that he was, indeed, the target."  For the record Common did not start the beef he made a song called "sweet" and based off of what he said some ppl felt  Drake feel in that who whoever took his words and applied them to Drake started this beef. Every interview that I have saw Common do about his new album and the song "sweets" ppl were saying Drakes name in relation to the song right off jump.

    Then everybody keeps saying we all know Drake soft so why's Common coming at him and there you have Drake don't be made at Common because obviously he wrote the song about how he felt about rappers who sing (ur not the only it's a few out there...u were just the one that responded) but the public threw ur name in the mix not him. Not 1 time did he say Drake's name in a negative way until after the subliminal indirect attack. And you ppl are so gulible and can't even think for yourselves that it's pathetic. So because the media said Common started it u believe because the media said Common revealed Drake was indeed the target" u took it and ran with it...FYI Common gave Drake his due respect because he is talented and saying that "you can't help, but think about him and that how he felt" is still not saying that it's about him.

    Me personally I'm not going to acknowledge any indirect randomness if my name was never spoken, because then I would I have put a label on myself. So like Common said "he fit the category...he already embraced wear it." Drake took someone's words and felt a certain way about them and labeled himself that (sweet) when he fell into the bull by aknowledged it...Common never fell for the trap and Drake got suckered in. So he Drake goes and make a song about stay scheming with 2 guys who rapped about something that had nothing to do with what the title of the song or what Drake was talking about. So yes he did go behind someone and tough talk indirectly about somebody else. So Common put him in his place and so that they weren't any mistakes about it then he said Drake's now there is no need to speculate or conjure up these stupid theories about who Common's talking about. He has officially taken the 3rd party guessing out of the equation...respect it and take a seat...Blame the speculators Drake

  • Therealhiphop

    He's right. You're wrong. Fuck drake. Fuck gay ass young money with these booty artists. Straight ruining hip hop. So glad common is regulating the game and shutting down these fucking cock suckers!

  • Therealhiphop

    Thank you BGV3.. glad you can see through the smoke...

    Fuck you NYChris... Stupid fools like you are the reason hip hop has taken a turn for the worse in some areas of the game. Quit jocking these mainstream rappers that just say the same shit and have no valuable meaning in what they are saying! study the culture. You're an insult to the culture everytime you blog.


  • Commonistheman

    I feel the same way... Common is a gentleman that doesn't get involved in being "hard" but when you fuck with a MAN'S woman... And be an immature boy talkin about woman disrespectfully and then come out and say "I'm so sad... Rhianna played me, whaaaaa!!!!" and turn around and talk about being a player... You are a confused fuck that's bound to get his ass kicked by a real man.

    "You play black and white, trying to live a niggas life" - common = common sense... The thing about common that makes him hard is how smart he is.. Unlike your dumb ass that is trying to categorize rappers. What you sayin common can't be mad? Can't be disrespectful to drake? Common son... Get real!

  • Commonregulatedthegameonthis1

    If you listen to Sweet by common and then drakes response ft fuckin officer Ricky and this Montana guy who I honestly have no interest in even looking at (fake ass nigga) AND you don't see that common crushed drake... You are seriously a dumb ignorant no good hip hop fan and it's embarrassing that you can speak your mind thinking your right when your so wrong (NYchris and any other Drake lover)

    Y'all need to study the hip hop culture.

    Common killed it! Props to real rap... Slot of fools be claimin they are real but not all are.. Especially young money bitch ass niggas and fuckin officer Ricky... That fat fuck need to go... I don't care how.. Just stop him from making his horrible music! So booty...

    And the

  • Ricklugo239

    YMCMB! Drake stands for Do Right And Kill Everyone. drake is going to come back with something serious period

  • Dennis Cruz

    I  Used to Love H.E.R hands down murks anything a lot of today's rapper has in their discography.  The message behind it and I bet niggz thought it was about a girl until the last line of the song.  This line alone kills Aubrey's err Drake's corny ass.  
    Stressin how hardcore and real she is 

    She was really the realest, before she got into show-biz 
    I did her, not just to say that I did it 
    But I'm committed, but so many niggaz hit it 
    That she's just not the same lettin all these groupies do her 
    I see niggaz slammin her, and takin her to the sewer 
    But I'ma take her back hopin that the shit stop 
    Cause who I'm talkin bout y'all is hip-hop

  • Anonymous

    I like both common and Drake but the selling records thing is true, nobody but commons fans were paying any attention to him until this diss.. Just like 50 did with Kanye.. 50 beefed with him to beef record sales.. Yes you can hear the beef for free but its the exposure and publicity that the rapper is actually looking for.. Music is ENTERTAINMENT.. so wut does it matter.. And by the way more people are saying Drake is winning the war of words.. You can say that oh "they are all stupid". If thats not the most ignorant crap i here, someone is stupid because they prefer one form of entertainment over another, "Gods acting like broads" lol thats true tho.. Be real what would you think of a man that you respected that instead of contacting you and conversing with you, which is easy to do for stars in the music industry, went and dissed u in front of the world. Thats not wut grown/real men do.. If i got a problem with someone I go to him first not to the media.. Be real i dont see why that is acceptable only in rap.. I mean yeah you can say drake is soft blah blah blah, not everybody you hang out with is hard and you still have the respect not to disrespect him.. Its like son why you worried about that man worry about yourself.. and sorry but when did drake claim to be hard.. i dont really recall that verse..
    P.S. this beef will be over in about 3-4 months i bet.. 

  • Anonymous

    What is Real Rap.. because only people who listen to 90's and 80's know what it is.. last time i checked all these rappers talk about the same things.. what has common talked about that drake hasn't.. i like both rappers so don't give me no drake lover crap.. i wont names of songs and purpose.. Although music is only ENTERTAINMENT!!! nothing these guys are rapping is going to change your life if you are so smart as you claim

  • Tbc416

    lol, whose common...?This guy looks like a crackhead and probably just mad cause Drake fuckin his girl. And good music is good music whether its singing or not, Michael Jackson was a legend and all he did was sing, idiots.But lets be real half of you bums commenting on this post on commons dick wouldn't even buy his album or have EVER purchased his album. That being said you niggas aint even real fans just a bunch of losers.

  • Commonsaidit Drakembracedit

    @gavinr927:disqus Lol, r u serious…no like really r serious!?!? Please know what u r talking about before u come and reply to a comment that I made. Anything I said was meant to be taken the way I wrote it if u took it upon urself to read more into what I stated then that’s ur problem not mine so don‘t try to make it my problem, but what u won’t do is come behind me and tell me what I said as if that will change what I said.

    1. Tell me any celebrity that has not went on an interview to promote their album/movie/clothing line/ or ANYTHING else that has their name attached to it…exactly! If u paid attention to the interviews u would have saw that Common was on these interviews talking about his album, book, etc and anytime the song “sweet” was mentioned before Common said anything the interviewers were already saying so was it about Drake. So say that the media is using this “beef” to give Common exposure and publicity because as far as I’m concerned all celebrities do interviews. Please don’t act brand new as if you don’t know that celebrities do interviews and say as plain as day what they are talking about only for the media to go and put out what their perception of that person’s words meant. Ppl always hear and see what they want to hear/see. The only time Drake’s name was mentioned by Common in a negative way was on the “remix” of stay scheming after Drake had made comments publicly and a subliminal song. Just because someone is checking for u and ur so called “beef” still doesn’t mean ur going to sell records when u can listen to everything on the internet for free.

  • Jeronimo Briggz

    Anyone arguing against Common need to get the "baby teef" smacked out they mouth. LOL truly Ice Cube know wassup with "the bitch in you". Jay-z know wassup with lines like " really I wanna ryme like Common Sense". ETC......

  • Biggwest99

    Drake is a dope rapper but he is not a battle MC.  When you get on videos and on songs poppin how you the coldest at this and at that but can back it up, you are WACK!!!  Drake needs to step up and challenge Common.  Common doesn't need record sales.  He grossed over 20 Million last year idiot ass lil nigga!!  He can't hide behind Young Money nor Ricky Ross!!  Common will slay all them wack niggas!!

  • Mostballinestplaya2002

    Honestly, I believe Common gave him a warning.  If this beef escalates, Drake will be eithered quite easily.  I wish Wayne would fully come at Eminem or at least Jay-Z so Wayne could get his career ended. 

  • murdered.

  • Gmillz

    Just saying' Aubrey isn't just a girls name... it's a unisex name. So before you go whinin' about some rappers real name at least do some form of background looking. Shit you're already on the internet it takes all of what 3 seconds?

  • Cfraz1love

    This is 1 week out, so you may not see this gavinr927, but I will answer your questions. First off, Drake's subject matter is exclusively limited to money, women, and drug consumption. Common has made songs about political prisoners (A Song For Assata, Like Water For Chocolate), a story where his house is broken into while he's gone on tour, and how he finds the perpetrator (Stolen Moments Pt. 1-3, One Day It'll All Make Sense), the choices involved with aborting a child (Retrospect For Life, O.D.I.A.M.S.), and several songs about the culture and music itself (I Used To Love H.E.R., Act Too The Love Of My Life, Book Of Life, etc). As for songs that changed people's outlook on life, here's a small sampling. Of course, you're right in saying that none of the shit they rap about today will change someone's life, but that's an indictment on today's industry, not the power of music or hip hop specifically. I digress......

    Violent - Tupac (2Pacalypse Now)   This isn't the first song detailing police brutality, but it's the first one with an affirmative and direct response to the assailant. This song singlehandedly put Tupac as HHP target #1, and set into motion the events that would lead to his death, imho.Us - Ice Cube (Death Certificate)
        This song comes at the end of quite possibly the most important rap album of the era (early 90's), in that Ice Cube broke down the condition of black people in America and the steps needed to move forward in a positive way. Really, anyone reading this who has not heard Death Certificate, do yourself a favor and cop that ish NOW. Every point Cube made in 1992 literally applies 20 years later. This song in particular is a mirror in the face of black America ("Sometimes I believe the hype, man/We mess it up ourselves and blame the white man/But don't point the finger you jigaboo/Take a look at yourself, you dumb nigga you/Pretty soon hip hop won't be so nice/No Ice Cube, just Vanilla Ice"). 

    Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangster - The Geto Boys
        Far from the trap music bravado we are subjected to today, Scarface and Bushwick put in real nigga terms the true meaning of 'gangster', which really just means being a man and standing on ya own two feet. There's not an ode to a gang, selling crack, slapping bitches, or shooting niggas anywhere in the song. It's about a simple question: when the shit pop off, what the fuck you gonna do? DAMN it feels good to be a gangster!

    I could go on, but I think you get the point. Drake is the Vanilla Ice of our time, and that's not about race. He is as bubble gum pop as they come, and that's cool. Nicki and Wayne are the same too. Common, on the other hand, is an emcee, whether he sells 1 or 1million, and that's the difference.

  • RealShit

    Come on little boy, if you don't even know who THE Common is, than you need to gtfo. Yeahh Michael Jackson sang, but he also didn't claim to be hard did he? Drake started off as a Canadian teen soap opera star. That means he's a soft nigga. Just like common said. If you HAVNT copped one of his albums, then your aren't a real hip hop fan. Just another sheep being brainwashed by this mainstream cookie cutter bullshit radio rap.

  • Brahrider

    Trying to find a way to sell a CD?  Nigga are you crazy???  Dude is now a BEST SELLING author, actor AND one of the best EMCEES to ever do it!  Notice I said EMCEEE and NOT rapper.  Also, like Common said, "If I don't like it, I don't like it that don't mean that I am hating."  Guess you have not heard Ghetto Dreams! 

  • datdude

    how can there b a legend who NEVER went platnium?? common is simply consistent meaning he jus wont retire from rap...

  • goodmusic uk believer

    cant we all jus get along

  • Pudgiesmalls

    you're a fuckin moron Nychris, if you think Common isn't a legend you are a stupid as shit dumb fuckin ass hole lickin bitch!... Hoe!

  • Pudgiesmalls

    You're an idiot!

  • Kenyadalton

    Drake is for the most part WAK ....Common is ten times the rapper as far as lyrics..... I mean I'm not a Common fan only cuz he too positive..... I like my rap about bustin guns gettin money and f*ckin b*tch AND I WANT TO HEAR HOW COLD YOU THINK YOU ARE AS A RAPPER BUT YOU HAVE TO BE A LYRICIST though common is a positive rapper he is a lyricist no doubt..... Drake not gonna murder nobody in a battle he does make good music from time ta time but a lyricist he is NOT.!!!!!!!!!!

  • HandsDown

    Im on Drake's bandwagon all the wayy...If the YMCMB crew was to press Common he wouldnt know what to do, so he need to sit is old fart self down!!!!

  • Tasheelovejoy

    Drake's bitch ass nose job tells me he's a lil sweet.

  • Oxmediagroup

    Record sales does not make you a legend. Being a legend makes you a legend. There are certain artist that you absolutely MUST be familiar with if you call yourself a true student or fan of the art of hip hop and Common is absolutely one of them. "I used to love H.E.R." is one of the greatest Hip-Hop Classics EVER! How dare you undermine this artists timeless contribution to the artform!

  • Paul Mokemane

    Drake we waittin, spit some back. Don't get it twisted dis aint some u can (take care) of! We waittin an oh yeah lyk de man said no runnin an hidin behind YMCMB strickly man to man 1 on 1 shit!

  • Jkilla99

    Drake sounds feminine but that works for him and is lyrically decent. Common is more real and did contribute to hip hop more then drake because he's older. One thing common needs new songs (people don't like listening to the same song over and over). They should focus on improving themselves at rapping and singing rather then "bickering".

  • bmcmy

    Drake all the way

  • lingo

    Thats what he sayin stupid!!! Free is dont profit of off free!! He gon get promo cause its fuckin common!!!
    Now fall yo young ass back cause the stuff you say makes it clear that you are under they spell...

  • robeast

    Drake will murder a bitch!!! He dont back down! He'll make you tore up from the floor up

  • robeast

    I dont even kno who this common bitch is!

  • gavinr927

    Just reading this almost a year and a half later.. lol. Thank you for your response. Although you probably will not see this. I see your point and cant really respond because I can't see who I was initially talking to, so I dont know the reasons for my statement.