Wiz Khalifa Sued By Rapper Claiming He Stole ‘Black and Yellow’ Hit Single

Wiz KhalifaIn 2011, Wiz Khalifa blew up thanks to his breakout single, "Black and Yellow." But, a year later, a rapper has come forward claiming the Pittsburgh rap star stole the song from him.

According to TMZ, a Pennsylvania rapper named Maxamillion has filed a $2.3 million lawsuit against Wiz, claiming the idea for the hit "Black and Yellow" came from his lesser known song called "Pink N Yellow."

Max claims he copyrighted his single in 2008, three year before Wiz released and became a superstar off his smash single.

Despite the claims, a source close to Wiz tells TMZ that "Wiz has never heard of this guy ... it's just a plot that happens all the the time to rappers to get money. This is just some no-name rapper who wants to get paid."

Max's attorney, however, says that far from the truth, because he says the two sides previously discussed a potential settlement.

However, Wiz's camp wasn't open to the deal.

Wiz had not commented on the lawsuit as of press time.

Are the songs similar? Listen below.

Wiz Khalifa - "Black and Yellow"

Maxamillion f. Yung Zee, Frank G & AC - "Pink 'N Yellow"

  • Carllikescheese

    black and yellow is waaay effing better you hoe skank!

  • no wayyy....lyricz & flow nooooo fukn wayy

  • Travis7734

    the only part Maxamillion can sued wiz-khalifah is using the word "n yellow". other than that, wiz-khlifah have the upper hand on this case.... wiz can totally owned this guy in court, for sure.....

  • Alex

    the only thing similar is the word yellow

  • WizFan

    mannn i hate when punk niggahs claim shit aint nobody ever here if the world aint here it im pretty sure wiz aint hear it ... maxamillion is a no name mf'er thats jusst trying to get paid

  • Beesty

    WIZ,CLEARLY STOLE THE WHOLE "PINK & YELLOW" black & yellow punch line hook!

  • Boardin155

    What a fucking joke, little bitch max trying to get his dusty ass track heard. His shit sucks!!! Wiz can't rap for shit but at least wiz can make a catchy tune.

  • Mr George3rd

    You don't know if Wiz never heard this song before. Just because you haven't doesn't mean he hasn't. Artist hear never before the public does, ask Jay-Z about "Renegades" that was Emenim & Royce's song first. So don't just follow blindly. With that said Max don't have too much of a case, two totally different songs. He'll lose this one. And it's not even that bad of a song.

  • Puritan boy

    It's nothing wrong with trya get paid can't knock him go head pink & yellow

  • Mooremalik59

    pink and yellow.....??suckz ballz

  • Wafarrell

    I think the people that are suing wiz are mad cause there song pink N yellow sucked and wiz khalifas song is better

  • Jazzical_expressions

    max has an award from 2009 from mtv for pink and yellow... so how stupid is it to that you cant get the rip of the tag line by wiz... you are the bitch

  • WhackassPinkndYellow

    come on im not sayin he stole it and that this "pink nd yellow" doesnt suck because its whack as hell roft Please Explain??? the only thing similar is the pink and yellow flow part. Aint hatin jus sayin.

  • lol i thnk so it sounds too similar especially comin out of the same area but we dont know wiz or him so.

  • Derrell

    theres that little jingle in the back with a punk flavor to both of them. they sound similar and it could have been stolen. Wiz's song is better hands down though.