Ice Cube Confirms That He’s Working On New ‘Friday’ Movie … With Original Cast

Ice Cube and Chris TuckerIt's been nearly 10 years since the last film in the "Friday" franchise debut, and over 16 since the original 1995 film made Ice Cube a bonafide force in the movie biz.

Now, the hip-hop legend confirmed that a new "Friday" film is in the works, and will bring back the entire original cast.

A rep from Ice Cube's Cube Vision Productions tells TMZ that "the studio is in the process of getting the entire original cast to do another 'Friday.' "

While every actor is yet to be confirmed, the rep added that Cube is "very excited" about the film and "has every intention to make it happen."

Actor Tiny Lister (who plays the popular character Deebo) told TMZ last month that Cube had reunited with Chris Tuker for the fourth "Friday" film.

Stay tuned...

The original "Friday" starred Cube, Tucker, Lister, actress Nia Long, John Witherspoon, DJ Pooh, Regina King, Faizon Love, Meagan Good (as a kid), and the late Bernie Mac.

  • Johnson Terrell25

    thats going to be great

  • Mrp

    Hell yeah!

  • J_mac917

    I Can't wait I Heard about it but now i see thats it's true RIP Bernie Mac CHI TOWN

  • 2ddas8

    II been waitin on this for years.... Me and the bro been talking bout it since Fri after next good shit ice cube

  • 16ksimons69er

    this ones gana have smokey so you know its gana be good

  • Julius Loud

    Make it happen bra come put me in it swinedine king I swear ima million dollar man who aint been found

  • O Double D

    chris tucker broke so now he wanna be smokey again..
    fuck dat nigga!!!
    if I was cube I would jerk the shit out dat mufucka
    and make him spend the next "16 years" in court
    tryna get paid..
    smh niggaz been askin for another friday wit smokey
    for years..      whut up Day-Day

  • Makant

    I feel you on that one bruh. Day day took over!!

  • Abernathycarlos46

    I have been waiting for a blockbuster comedy with a alstar cast like Harlem Knights for our generation for along time, my wish for a good laugh has been answered.Cube dont stop at this Friday...

  • So_temptin_09

    Its about time! I was only 5 when it came out & it has always been a classic to me! True talent..they just don't make'em like they used to! I cannot wait for the premier!

  • Quellz20

    He has to put Mike Epps in there just to make it that more funny

  • Montewalker89

    Mike roost gotta b in dis one

  • Maneazy5

    I am loving this idea!!!!! Ice Cube good fucking idea

  • Kyronwarren

    Throw Katt Williams, Michael Blackson, and Kevin Hart in there

  • Lekishahall

    Ohhhhh shit yea cubeeee

  • GEE Q

    Yo shut the f:$" up dude u don't know nothing chris chilling right now people can change u dumb a$$ where u from dummy I bet u a don't know s$@" about comedy or movies, yo do us all a favor and kill ya self!!!!!

  • GEE Q

    U dummy !!!!

  • Montana412

    Tucker aint broke dummy, he make so much bread doin rush hour he dont need to do nothing else, he doin cube a favor by commin back. #catchup

  • Real geeky

    All y'all need to shut the hell up who called chrissy chris broke

  • Crawfordtyran

    Wow can't wait it's going down

  • Waynefalkner

    bs they ain't bringing Tucker back

  • Vincent Sims


  • Glen Mcbride25

    Wat happen to mic eps

  • Thizz_tycoon

    That's a power move ice cube making can't wait

  • Kaylaprewett

    Can't wait!!

  • Mrlickem69

    Thats going be the shit I love the first one cause we call this here a lil twenty twen twen

  • lilmamma38301

    you need to to shut the hell up because he tha one who made the whole movie funny with yo dumb ass you sound so stupid i bet he got more money than you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • black62

    smokey gone
     turn dis shit out frfr

  • C Hardie74

    Cant wait for it!!!

  • Bigdaddybrewer

    I feel all yall its going to be the shit!!!!! My nigga smokey is coming back.

  • Coolcrazyparks

    This is stupid..why ruin a good thing? I swear, thers sooo many terrible squeals coming out. Is nothing sacred? Even if it was an AMAZING movie its like why? Can Hollywood really not think of any new ideas that they hav to keep relaunching old ones?? I mean, these niggas are old by now. Whats the movie gona be about? Smoky and Cube showing ther kids how to smoke? smhh what a waist of time. Sorry I come off so hostile, I just hate to see a good thing ruined.

  • twinkle

    its pinky nukka


    Smoky and day-day together.... Maaannnn it's gonna be crazy funny...

  • Smthsmsmith

    i wonder if worm will be in it

  • Smthsmsmith

    i think worm is the best this one will suck without worm

  • Mrgoodiebar81

    I am honored to be back and I thank all of my fans for there support throughout these years... you guys are great. You even followed me over to the rush hour series. And I even gained a wider audience. Thank you!!!

  • Glenmcbride25

    When do it come out

  • Glenmcbride25


  • Marquisdaman

    why is yall dumb ass fuckers bitching rather chris is broke or not WHO GIVES A FUCK damm yall sound like a bunch of cackling hoes

  • Kenfolks17

    Make this ish happen

  • Tbenita1935

    I think its wonderful that Chris & Ice Cube have put whatever differences aside & can now make their money. I love all of the fridays & I love all of the original cast & I know its gonna be great because Ice Cube has great material, but I truly missed my favorite comedian's presence in Friday. I am so excited.

  • Rhyg T

    I bet da da n smokey get into it or don't like each other

  • Toneloc2

    Come on Cube...lets do this!!!! U know erbdy in tha Lou waiting on a new Friday. Yall out there support & buy original :0)

  • Teteandvonni

    Man its about time!!!!! Some of my very favorite movies!!!!!!!

  • Damont

    It was so good thats why we want another one. You ever seen something or done something and you just wanted one more taste of it? Thats how the fans are with friday. plus since they brought in mike epps you have to ask for one with mike epps and chris tucker

  • DQ

    get a job guys

  • Castincall

    Im casting parts in the movie for extras thanks for the good feed back email you resume to

  • Dreline

    i say mike epps and kat willmos and damon. do it for ur fans who luv every friday u made



  • ladyb

    I can't wait too see the movie is going to be real funny

  • camplittletiki

    Y'all Ain't Real Fans The Movies Were Made years Apart But Technically Its Only Been A Month That Everything Is Happening .

  • Mah2thetee

    Is it really commen out come one dont fuck w me on this im all ezcited n shit

  • ruben

    Congrat'$ on the new friday. I'm also excited. I knew you were coming back

  • Fuck yes. Cant wait for this shit to drop. I give it up to the whole cast. This will be history

  • kiria17

    he shouldnt just put everybody in there from every friday they made not just the first friday.

  • mrgoodgood401

    bruh they need to hurry up cause i cant wait much longer

  • ladiidiamondz426

    Datz ma dawg i cant wait i know i'm gonna need stiches after this one chris,cube,epps,& katt omg im so ready!!!!!!!

  • Christin

    Whn dovit come out