Rapper T-Baby Says She’s Receiving ‘Racist Threats’ After Video Appeared On ‘Beavis & Butthead’

T-Baby vs Beavis and ButtheadDetroit-bred female rapper, T-Baby, is reportedly fearing for her life ... after being featured in a new episode of MTV's re-launched animated series, "Beavis and Butthead".

The rapper (real name: Latonya Miles) garnered attention in 2008 when the music video for her song "It's So Cold In The D" went viral ... but in 2011, it captured viewers' attention again after the animated duo ridiculed the song on a recent episode of their MTV show (see below).

This time around, the recognition wasn't positive.

Since the episode aired, T-Baby say she's been receiving racist threats, reports TMZ.

The rapper told the gossip site that she's been getting more than 100 text messages per day, and is even verbally insulted while out in public.

"Goodnight n*****, I wish all you f***ers would go back to Africa where you belong not here. Sleep by your window so I can get to you easier," T-Baby claims one text read.

Despite being uneasy over the messages, she says she hasn't reported them to the police, because she's "no snitch".

"I feel in a lost situation because I have no one but my son ... but I refuse to stop. Only way I can show how I am here to stay is keep doing my thing," T-Baby said.

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