Floyd Mayweather To Pacquiao: ‘Sign The Contract! I’m Waiting’ (Video)

The debacle regarding a potential super-fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao continues.

Mayweather recently spoke to FightHype.com and called out Pac-Man, saying he wants the contract signed so they can finally make it happen.

"I been told the boy May 5th is open. I told him May 5th is open... May 5th is the date. Sign the contract. Sign the contract. I'm waiting," the undefeated boxer said. "Now, I can't be sitting waiting all day, now. You want a fight, let's make it happen. May 5th!

"I'm here. I'm waiting. What's going on? You said you a clean athlete, and you said you would take the tests and all that. Well, let's do it."

Mayweather announced that his next fight will take place on May 5th at Las Vegas' MGM Grand. Who that will be remains to be seen ... but everyone wants him to fight Pac-Man.

So far, there's no indication that talks are underway. Mayweather's camp claims Pacquiao's team isn't interested in beginning negotiations for the anticipated fight, but instead, is aiming for a fourth show-down with Juan Manual Marquez, who he defeated with a majority decision in early November.

Stay tuned...

  • Deliah Davis

    After the last fight with Marquez, nothing in this world will make me believe he wants to fight Mayweather.  SMH

  • Nesticles

    Nobody believes your bullshit fag. Mayweather is a bitch for real

  • Jeff

    Nesticles your the fag.
    Your names says it all!

    Pac-man is the bitch.
    Once mayweather smashes him he wont make as many big pay days.
    So thats why he holding off.

  • Nesticles

    Awesome spelling there cupcake. Since Manny agreed to take the test last year, why has Floyd been pussyfooting? What other boxing greats made their opponents take an alternate form of testing? Did Ali? Did Foreman? Frazier? Marciano? No, they didn't bitch about pay or testing, they fought all comers. Floyd is a lost, scared little bitch, his fans are no different.

  • Will A.K.A. Bol3gs

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