Floyd Mayweather’s Camp Says Manny Pacquiao Isn’t Interested In Making Fight Happen

Floyd MayweatherFollowing Saturday night's (November 12) fight, where Manny Pacquiao won a controversial decision over Juan Manuel Marquez, everyone felt negotiations for a superfight between the Filipino superstar and Floyd Mayweather Jr. were a lock.

However, it seems things have fallen apart before it even begun.

Mayweather advisor Leonard Ellerbe Golden Boy Promotions CEO Richard Schaefer both told ESPN.com Monday (November 14) that they were notified that Pacquiao promoter Bob Arum is not interested in talks to make the fight happen.

"We have been informed that Bob Arum is not interested in pursuing a fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao at this time," Schaefer said.

This comes despite Pac-Man saying, in his post-fight interview over the weekend, that he's ready for Mayweather: "Let's get it on. Let's make the fight happen and give the people a good fight."

The controversial Pacquaio decision, plus Mayweather announcing two weeks ago that he planned to fight on May 5 at the MGM Grand, seemed to set the table for the long-awaited bout. However, according to Mayweather's team, Arum and Pacquiao aren't ready.

Schaefer told ESPN the notification came in an email from retired federal judge Daniel Weinstein, the mediator who has worked closely with the sides to settle numerous lawsuits and issues in recent years.

"I am sick and tired of Bob Arum twisting the truth. It's another case of 'yesterday I was lying, today I'm telling the truth,' " Schaefer said. "The truth of the matter is that we received this afternoon an email from retired federal judge Daniel Weinstein, who has informed us that Top Rank is pursuing a rematch with Marquez and, therefore, is not interested in immediate talks for a possible Mayweather-Pacquiao fight.

"This is obviously as clear as it can be that they have no intentions of making a Mayweather-Pacquiao fight. Therefore, Floyd Mayweather will have no other choice than to move on and identify and lock in another opponent for his ring return on May 5," he continued.

Despite Schaefer's claims, Arum tells ESPN that he knew nothing about an email and claimed that nobody from his company had communicated anything about making -- or not making -- a possible Pacquiao-Mayweather fight.

However, Arum did confirm rumors of a fourth Marquez fight.

"We are pursuing a fourth fight with Marquez. As far as doing anything definitively, we aren't ready to do anything definitively. When we are ready to make a determination of what we are going to do, we will do it," said Arum. "We are not going to do this in the press. We will do what is in the best interest of ourselves and our client and make a decision when it's time to. If we decide we want to do a rematch with Marquez, there is no reason to sit down with Mayweather. If we want to explore a Mayweather fight, we will sit down with them. But I'm not going to sit down with them just because it's a good show."

Mayweather's aide, Ellerbe, called Pac-Man's team "cowards."

"In my opinion, you have three cowards -- Bob Arum, (Pacquiao trainer) Freddie Roach and Manny Pacquiao," he said. "Now we all know the truth, once and for all, why this fight hasn't been made. It should be clear to everyone that they don't care what the fans want, especially when Floyd is ready, willing and able to fight Manny Pacquiao now. Floyd said if this isn't clear, he doesn't know what is.

"All along we know why the fight isn't being made," Ellerbe continued. "This is the perfect opportunity. Both guys just fought. This is the fight the fans want to see, and it's a disgrace that they are not willing to give the fans what they want. In my opinion, there are three reasons why Arum doesn't want the fight. He knows there is no way that Manny Pacquiao can win, it kills his cash cow, and he wants to do in-house fights where he controls both sides. I said all along why this fight hasn't been made to this point. Manny Pacquiao knows, Bob Arum knows and Freddie Roach knows."

Ellerbe also claims Mayweather didn't watch Pacquio's fight on Saturday, because he was making a scheduled appearance; and added that right now, they are exploring other options to give fans "the biggest fight" they can.

Mayweather last fought in September, knocking out Victor Ortiz in controversial fashion after 16 months of.

  • The_tellster1

    Very true. I knew all along Bob Arum was behind it all and the people at ESPN believe everything he say. Everybody thought Mayweather was scared. Scared of what? Last Sat proved what every boxing fan should've known in the 1st place. Pacquaio can't beat Mayweather. He's far to skilled.

  • gEO

    This has been the problem all along, Arum is a greedy person, its a shame Manny is still with this guy.  Floyd left him for the same reason, he screws people over.  Shame Shame Shame, I bet ESPN won't put this on First Take, if they do I wonder what excuse Skip Bayless will come up with now.

  • money

    man na for all of pac man fans....yall idol is duckin floyd....if pac man was for his fans win or lose,drug test or no drug test he'll do it for yall.....
    floyd been wantin that ass...marquez could've beat manny 3 times na...pac man won cause he was the star of the fight...

  • Anonymous

    Nobody wants to see Pacman vs JMM 4 ...  Their just milking it for money & nothing else... They'll go 12 rounds & again the scoring will be close & Pacman will win again just like he WON this past weekend.  They keep saying it was a disputed decision, blah blah blah... BUT...  Pacman won the fight & JMM quit boxing...  WE WANT PACMAN vs PBF...  That's it!!!

  • Ricolae

    Its been clear from day one who's been doing the ducking. People just love to debate, I've heard people say Floyd has 1,000 excuses but I notice they never name any,and that's because he has 1 demand and it hasn't changed. Its elementary, "I need you to take random blood test" "ok no problem,you agreed to my idiotic demands so I'll agree to OST" boom boom boom fights over

  • Cj40559652

    Then who'sthe best pound for pound boxer????? Everybody know's it's mayweather.

  • Deputycab1184@yahoo.com

    Pacman is what he is a media made fighter everybody that knows boxing no that there is no way in hell that pacquiau dosent compare to money may

  • A retired judge TOLD team Mayweather??? Team FMJ is at it again! They never had the intentions of fighting Pacman on 05/05/12. They are just milking this controversial win for publicity. "Little Fella" isn't exactly saying Manny Pacquiao! Floyd had intended to fight a Mexican on that date. Cinco de Mayo! Dig? I don't blame Bob Arum for taking it as a big joke and plan for other fights for MP. Had  team Mayweather been specific and named Pacquiao from the get-go, then that would have made greedy Bob drool for a big payday. As it is, Team FMJ had been unclear in making the fight and had more excuses to avoid MP than their intent to fight. FMJ is no pound for pound boxer, he is one COWARD WEAKLING!

  • Simonyang357

    nobody is scared of anybody. its bob arum ugly ass politics and bullshit!