FBI Classify Insane Clown Posse Fans As National Gang Threat

By Allen Starbury   /   Published 11/03/2011

Insane Clown PosseDetroit hip-hop duo, Insane Clown Posse, has built a insanely loyal fanbase, who are also referred to as "juggalos."

Hordes of their cult-like following descended on their concerts with paint on their faces like the group ... and cause such an uproar, the FBI has classified ICP's fans as a "gang" worth watching

According to Wired.com, the FBI's 2011 National Gang Threat Assessment division says Juggalos are a "loosely-organized hybrid gang" that are "forming more organized subsets and engaging in more gang-like criminal activity."

In fact, they are becoming such a threat, the feds list Juggalos in the same conversation as long-established street gangs like the Crips or Bloods, or Hispanic gangs with ties to Mexican drug cartels.

"Although recognized as a gang in only four states,” reports the FBI's National Gang Intelligence Center, "many Juggalos subsets exhibit gang-like behavior and engage in criminal activity and violence."

Also in the report, ICP rappers, Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope, are named as the heads of the nefarious Juggalo army.

While other gangs listed in the report are linked to murders, gun running, and drug trafficking, Wired.com says Juggalo gang activity is cited on a notably lower caliber: thefts, hand-to-hand drug sales and felony assaults.

The Insane Clown Posse formed in the early 1990s in Detroit. Following their self-produced Dog Beats EP, they dropped their official debut in 1992, titled Carnival of Carnage, which eventually hit gold sales.  Since their start, they've released 10 official albums an LPs and have garnered a massive following around the country and overseas via concerts. Today, their touring and merchandising business earns millions each year.

  • R.D.

    This is the biggest bunch of crap I have ever heard.  It is shame that our tax dollars are being used for witch hunts instead of legitimate investigations. 


    I cannot believe they are pushing for this life imitates art crap to this day!!!  "What group do you listen to?  Oh yeah, well you are a suspected gang member now."  This is why they should not allow inbreds to work at the FBI!

  • i agree.  completely and totally agree

  • you know, i never thought me or any of the people I know of would be a truly serious threat lmao....

  • Wikid Whisper

    Just because some Juggalos commit crimes doesn't mean we should ALL be labeled gang members if that is the case then while the FBI gathers this "intelligence" they should also add christians,cops,the government, and every group out there that come together as a group. Just because some christians kill in the name of God are they all killers, or because there are a few dirty cops then all cops are dirty or how about the government that is amoungst the most crooked of "organized gangs" out there so why not add them to this list of gangs? It's ridiculous to say the least; you can't just take a bunch of people who share similar likes and point your finger at them in judgement and lump them together as a whole and call us a gang just because you don't know or understand us if that is the case you should look in the mirror and point that finger at yourself and while we are at it put the FBI on that list! People fear what they do not know or understand. The Juggalo society is a group filled with all different beliefs and we all walk different paths therefor we are ALL different...no two are alike just like any society...so look at some of the worlds most prominent people...alot of them are crooked they do drugs, sell drugs, embezzle, steal, and yet the socialites aren't considered a gang. What about the republicans or the democrats? If your gonna start putting people on gang status why don't you start with the groups who are more dangerous than us? Why not just put all of society on that list?

  • IssacAngel5

    I am a proud juggalette, We are not a gang... We are a big family who love's insane clown posse... I just think the fbi has gone too far and they are bored so they are going make a judgement to us juggalos just cuz a few memners broke the law, that doesn't mean we are all the same.

  • IssacAngel5

    I am a proud juggalette, We are not a gang... We are a big family who love's insane clown posse... I just think the fbi has gone too far and they are bored so they are going make a judgement to us juggalos just cuz a few memners broke the law, that doesn't mean we are all the same.

  • Vann Digital Networks

    You cant pay me to listen to Insane Clown Posse but this shits funny LMAO!!!

  • Vann Digital Networks

    You cant pay me to listen to Insane Clown Posse but this shits funny LMAO!!!

  • Angels_daddy12

    I think the feds should worry more about their world of corrupt cops (aka gang) then trying to classify a family of juggalos!! Come on I hear more about cop beatings and corruption, then I do about juggalos!! I don't see their violence being classified as a threat to the community "which it is" just cuz people get in trouble and claim to be a juggalo or have a juggalo tattoo, doesn't mean every juggalo needs to be punished!

  • Chelseagrott

    We arnt a gang just a big family!!

  • juggalo

    woop woop, you want to classify me as a gang, good shit bitch, time to get the hatchet gear out a represent, J.U.G.G.A.L.O

  • Now that shits funny.  Just cause we all want a Faygo 2 liter at every concert doesnt make us gang related....

  • Tonesicc

    "GANG RELATED" Yeah!!! Finally!!!  Anyone who has a problem with that can straight ....F**k Off   WooP WooP    ~JUGGALOS 4 L!FE~ 

  • Roachj2004

    man this is whack its just music and family noone says lil wayne's fans are a gang or metallica fans their just looking for reasons to hate on the Juggalo fan base and bring us down!

  • So... The F.B.I. Wants To Classify Juggalos As A Gang, And They Are Pointing The Finger Calling J, And Shaggy As The Ring Leaders? Okay So That Gives Me The Right To Call Every Cop Or Agent Crooked, Or Dirty? Yeah The Fakes Mess Up A Lot Of Things For All Of Us. Just Because Some Idiots Messed Up They Shouldn't Take It Out On The Rest Of Us. This Is What Got Me Past Family, And Friends Dying. Hell Go To A Show All You hear Before And After The Show Is "FAMILY" Worry About Finding Real Americans Jobs, And Doing Something About Real Gangs Not What Rich White People Are Scared Of Hearing Out Of Their Kids Rooms. No Matter How They Classify The Word Juggalo It Will Never Change How i Dress Or What I Listen To. 

  • john

    "we are just a family", thats exactly what Charlie Manson's loving little group said in court after the brutily murdered people!!! woop woop ? really?  get a life. Its uneduacated scum suckin deusch bags that complain about crooked cops and politicians that need to be watched. Every one of you whiners sound just like your identical twins who are already incarcerated in America's prison system. "They are just out to get me". Paranoid fucks!!! Stop smokin so much dope and get a fuckin job, you welfare collectin pieces of shit !!!!!!


  • Deanldavid

    Icp sucks ass..this shit is stupid..

  • Gearhead Juggalo

    Completely true, fam. They are being a bunch of bored and scared babies. There is no need to list all of the family as a gang just because we have a couple idiots that don't know what their thinking in the first place.

  • Gearhead Juggalo

    Whoop Whoop! F*ck all you people who think all of us are dangerous. We're a family just like any other high class family, we watch out for each other, we have each other's backs. Yeah there are the crooked messed up ones that made us get listed as a "gang", but we are just a family looking for peace through music, we look for no boundaries in diversity. If you actually listened to the music and see the meaning behind the lyrics, then maybe you people will understand where we come from. Whomever chose to list us as a gang is just a bigot, bored and looking for something to do. Whoop Whoop! MMFWCL!

  • Mojo6942

    What a crock of shit. Because fans act out after concerts don't make them a gang. Wow. So basically since ohio state and michigan fans catch cars on fire and destroy cars and other property after games are all ohio state fans a gang? Or maybe terrorists? Come on FBI get it together. Oh and all the fans of these teams dress alike so I guess its true. Flying their colors and causing termoil. Better watch them too.

  • Jake5567

    My cousin was suspended from school and the school called the FBI on him just bc he was whareing an ICP shirt. That's taking it WAY to far

  • Pupp_brat

    We ain't no gang!! If so why didn't they see it right away??!!!!! Bunch of crap ThE FAM AIN'T BACKIn DOWN!! Juggalos WE ATE FAM
    FOR EVER!! Whoop whoop mmfcl

  • Puppy_brat

    I wore one taday and I live in a small town and EVERY ONe glared I'm the only jugglet in my school/ town (real ine that is ) and awww I hear bout this I'm
    Spending all my money on icp stuff and Idc we ain't going to let this happen Detroit needs ta quit doing what they are doing to make this happen or anyone in that matter

  • Revsquishy

    I am one of the founders of one of the largest Juggalo websites on the net. At this point as an American all I can do is hang my head in shame after reading this. I really hate to inform the FBI but on our site (which we have video and text chat rooms) we have members from every walk of life from homeless (yes homeless people can get internet access too) to blue collar workers to members of our own military serving in Iraq!! Yes our own military serving our country in A WAR ZONE!! Out of the 2 years we have ran our sites we have had to ban MAYBE 10 people for hate, which by the way we do not tolerate hate in any form. Yet I can not count the number of people who have come on who have needed help. Not help from committing violence but from being the subject of violence at the hands of people who discriminated against them. To those who do not understand what it means to be a Juggalo or Juggalette it means a support group of peers when you need someone to be there to help you through hard times. We do act as a "Family" in the capacity of someone to lean on. There has been many of incidents where someone has logged on to the site who wanted to commit suicide and several of our long time members have helped them through their problems. As to Juggalos discriminating against Gay or Lesbians is way off several of the Juggalos and Juggalettes I know are gay, bi-sexual, or transgendered which we proudly support.

  • twiztid juggalo king

    Hey look here! I've been a juggalo since I was 10 years old! I finshed high school went to two different tech schools finished them both and have a great steady job an family. Not once have been arrested! So what do you have to say about that! Being part of the juggalo family is like being a club or something! Most of us are the people that in high school tha every one made fun of because we were different. So with the feds saying this is messed up and stereo typing!

  • Juggalo716

    If were a gang, what's our gang signs to throw up? What's our gang color? What corners do we hustle? Besides concerts when do we all hang out as a gang would? All we have is a logo and painted faces. Like ABK says, I rep the JRB an ill never switch! I guess we gotta go after all the Elvis fans now too since he died from an OD, stole and corrupted society, right???!!!!!!

  • Eburtevets

    3 ltd's n ya might be, Gang Related... 

  • Juggalo716

    I got a union job that pays $31/hr an college grad an a UNITED STATES MARINE. You want to talk about a gang, USMC is the most brutal. We go to other countrys and kill and destroy there way of living to make them more "westernized." Jesus refers to his ppl as family? An wars an million of ppl died for a fake ass person u believe came from a virgin. Now religion is the biggest gang. An cops are crooked, my city, buffalo ny, has been knowing to pull over ppl just for being black an in the wrong part of town!!!! Politicians are money laundering and sexual assailants, read the paper u stupid fuck an grow up. Open ur eyes, ppl die at lil Wayne and Elvis concerts and yet never one in an ICP/psychopathic show. An I wouldn't have to smoke so much dope if you weren't such a piece of shit and say stupid ass things that make me wanna choke you out and show you what the military has taught me. One shot, one kill!!!

  • Juggalo716

    Why you attacing us? Does this give us the right to attack you and what you like? I got a million bucks on that u had ur nose broken in the past. Keep talkin shit.

  • Lil_rob_1995

    Lol lame as icp...

  • Christiansbrazil

    all i got to say is fuck the police whoop whoop mwcl

  • Reltih

    if I only could I'd set the world on fire.

  • Anonymous

    OK!. I'm 17 years old almost 18 I'm from GA and I have considered myself a Juggalo for many many years. I'm a senior in high school I have straight A's 95.76 average I don't get in any trouble and everyone loves me including teachers who many consider me to be one of the best students they have. I have never EVER thought about being in ANY gang because I am very independent and believe people in gangs are lowlife scum. I have yet to meet one Juggalo in a gang of any sort. Having lived in five states I feel that as many Juggalos as I have come in contact with and not meeting a single one in a gang that the... logic of every Juggalo in the word being in a gang is just beyond my comprehension? Like seriously where are you people getting this idea? I know that their are a lot of people who call themselves Juggalos out there that have very questionable behavior but what group of people doesn't have those few people who make the rest look bad? The concept of a Juggalo came off of family and acceptance not hate, drugs, killing, robbing, rape, and power like gangs are. Juggalo's are my family and we come in all shapes and sizes we are all different and there will always be a hand full of "Juggalo's" that do wrong but that one handful doesn't represent how the rest of us our! We are all individuals and should be seen for our own individual behaviors and not someone else's idiotic behaviors.

  • JuggalettexMorphine

    Dude. I have been a juggalette for about a year. I know everything they have done [ I do my research. ] I don't understand why the would consider us a gang. Of all people. We are a family. Yes, some people have committed crimes and blamed it on us. That doesn't mean ALL of us are like that damnit!!. 

  • Pixie

    This is riduclous! I am a juggalo! Clean record, not even a ticket, college gradute, and working with a well known doctor. What part of this makes me a gang member? I now understand why all of a sudden I'm being pulled over weekly, yet still can't even give me a ticket. The people who have deemed us a "gang" should consider deadheads a gang as well... It would be just as uninformed of a choice!

  • Juggalo_f

    FuCK DA PoLEce.......imma FuCkIn JuGGaLo, An i HAvE 5 KidZ whO r LoeZ & LettEz i DiDnT LEd THem DAt wAy THey LiStin 2 DA lyRiCs An ASk ME "daDDy Am i A JuggAlo?" i SAiD....... WAT DO U DINK?.....An DA SAiD "liStin 2 DA lyRics DAddY We R jUGGaloZ RiTE WE r A FFAAMMILLY RIGHt?"An 4sure I fIGurED THey FinD ouT DAt i WAz ONE ........ A FuCkin JuggAlo......So NOW DA no I BY EvERy THinG DA WAnT FRom HATCHET GEAR........KAnT SAY NO 2 DEm....DAy MI lil FAmiLLy.... SO FUCCKK u GUYZ WHOO HATING ON uS!!!!!!!.......MMFWCL.....WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!! & im DOWN WIT DA KLOWNZ!!!!!! SO FUCK u IF U DONT LYK US!!!!!!!

  • Knutz

    well john. your true virtue shines as you make assumptions and downgrade people you dont even know..on the internet no less..question for you. what do you do for a living? i myself own several businesses. computer repair and custom building. a tattoo shop, a detail shop ( that means carwash in case you are really as fucking stupid as you sound ). i am currently in college for my second degree in IT ( again that means technology computers and such ) and my wife is going to school for medias/graphic designs and such..soooo big john ooooo oo big bad john..what are you doing with your life you troll pussyfart?

  • Dandbmiller10

    what ever happened to our freedom I'm a juggalo but I'm married have a job sork 12 hours a day 83 hours a week don't do.drugs drink occasionally I don't go.out and do.stupid stuff I don't have a criminal history. You have those kind of people in every group and why hasn't anything been said about the juggalo holocaust obviously its just some people lookin for.a reason shut down society any way don't judge a book by its cover.

  • Killaklownz666


  • Lgalbraith13

    Well its about f*cking time....reppin JRB and you will never switch.....family...gang....what we are you will never understand its all about the homies!

  • Barefootage

    Thats crazy. So are all rap fans now gang members. What you should really worry about are the justin beiber fans. Now those girls are dangerous.

  • Lol

    I teach preschool pay my bills, taxes, own my own car and and LOVE ICP! I believe the earlier comments were not paranoid statements. They were simply stating that if you are going to call fans a gang then there are other groups that would fit the bill better. Anyone who really knows ICP knows that they speak against criminal behavior except maybe smoking.

  • matty213

    the female body inspecters call my family a gang f*ck them thay are a gang not my family

  • Thetruthhurtsyouman

    gang violence

  • Thetruthhurtsyouman

    ICP fans family=gang

  • Thetruthhurtsyouman

    gang talk

  • Thetruthhurtsyouman

    gangsters call each other homies??
    yea they do

  • riley

    call us what u want but im a juggalo for life and if that means im in a gang well then so be it

  • riley

    Hell yeh Juggalo for life if that means im in a gang well then so be it

  • Sheena

    Juggalette for LIFE

  • Sheena

    Hey every family has "That" side of the family. the idiots who went to jail saying it was ICP's fault should now be considered "that" side of the family.

  • Mac

    I love ICP music, and I love the color blue... So am I a Juggalette or a Crip..? Just want to know where I sit on this fence of complete Bull Shit..! People are scared of things that look, act, or are different... PS were different... Who cares what the FBI thinks... They aren't fam who cares...

  • Magnets work, get over it. I hope real gangs hear about this and declare all out war on Juggalos. I hope the FBI takes you all down