Ben Stiller Vs. Andy Samberg: Extreme V-Necks (SNL Digital Short)

Ben Stiller hosted this Saturday's (October 8) SNL, reprising his Zoolander role ... but his digital short with Andy Samberg was hilarious, poking fun at everyone's fascination with v-neck tees.

Shot in a Rag & Bone store, the pair have a "v-neck battle" over who has the most pronounced and plunging neckline around. Stiller and Samberg rock everything from "double deep v" and the "negative," to the "double v" and the ... well, you'll have to watch to see how it ends.

Does Andy take the crown for most outrageous v-neck, or will it be Derek Zoolander? Hilarious...

  • Jeremycopeny16

    whats the song that plays during this

  • CoD69

    Andy played Rick Santorum in SNL's mock debates and Santorum started wearing v-neck sweaters. Coincidence?

  • Derrick P