Kid Cudi & Machine Gun Kelly Beef Over Who Started ‘Raging’

Kid Cudi vs Machine Gun KellyTwo Cleveland boys are beefing ... Kid Cudi, and recent Bad Boy Records signee, Machine Gun Kelly.

The two rappers got into it, briefly via Twitter, on Thursday (August 25), when the two argued over over who started Cleveland-based slang term: "raging."

It started when posted some comments on his Tumblr page, laying claim to slang term.

"There's only one original Rager, and thats me," Cudi wrote. "I started this 'rage' sh**. The lifestyle, the term, the whole new meaning and definition of the word. Understand and be clear, IAM THE RAGER, IAM FOREVER. When you hear ANYONE talking bout 'rage' or 'raging', know where that sh** originated. Guess ima have to do some trademarkin'. ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES. WE LIVE THIS SH**!"

Apparently, "raging" is intense all out partying.

Shortly after the post also simultaneously posted on Cudi's Twitter (@WizardCud), Cleveland newcomer Machine Gun Kelly responded with an angry tweet, calling Cudi "jealous", most likely for his quick rise.

"If i was you, i'd hate me jealous muf*cka. 216 what up. EST what up. lace the f*** up," wrote Kelly (@MachineGunKelly). "Headed to the show, hereeeeee we go AZ lemme see what kind of #powerRAGERS yall are working with."

Where does this goes from here? Stay tuned...

  • mang

    What a dumb thing to argue over! Neither one of these kids said that sh-t first!

  • cory carter

    M.G.K would destroy kid cudi.

  • Anonymous


  • guest

    I'd be surprised if this was a real beef.  Those two go way back.  They're doing this sh## to get more publicity.  Just like MGK's flash-mob.  I'll give MGK, he is one smart marketer.  With his talent and underrated marketing skills -- he's going to be the new Eminem.

  • 216mofods

    Cudi said it before mgk but mgk put it to better use. I've been to concerts of both of theirs and we always rage way more at mgk concerts

  • Anonymous

    if you paid actual money to get in a MGK concert 
    you probably should rage on yourself until
    your noodles all over the shower curtain..

  • Hysongryan

    obviously u havent been to a mgk show,and when u see it for ur self remember me sayin i told ya so cudi marketed raging mgk lived it on the real

  • HPD

    This is a dumb ass argument. Kid Cudi and MGK where cool ... soooo I'm confused as to why they are now having a falling out? Cudi probably couldn't stand the fact that MGK is more relevant than he is now. Anywho, Cudi might have started but MGK does it better. *kanye shrug*

  • Ethantravis

    Kid cock knockers lil Bitch that sings lil kid songs mgk realst boss stay up Gehh

  • Kottonmouth216

    fuck cudi hes a bitch and every 1 from cleveland know it too,either one of em made up the word so who gives a fuck,cudi just a fuckin pussy and wanna cry over nothin

  • ClevelandBoy

    i think you the one soft as fuck

  • Billyboyd

    Fuck everybody that hateing off of Kid cudi u can eat a dick kid cudi have way more fans even MGK

  • Shavar2001

    Well speaking for my best friend for many years. Let him be a bitch, where is he and where r u???????? Keep hating and he'll keep making money.

  • Shavar2001

    Well I'm gonna say this everyone is entitled to their own opinion. They both are in places we all would like to be in. Rich, a public figure and popular. But on the real, Kid Cudi came up faster than MGK did. Do your research Homies. When he moved to NY it didn't take that long for him to get discovered. MGK had to do a lot of foot work because he didn't leave Ohio. Be happy that Ohio ppl are making it. Ohio is filled with crabs in a bucket.


    Mgk is gud so is kid cudi, kid cudi is my fav artist dat my nigga he better then mgk he got crreativity kid cudi reps for cleveland mgk reps for kid cudi

  • Escutia_julian

    Bone Thugs n Harmony 


     Naw I'm from cleveland and Cudi was the rager way before him, Then MGK comes out with Rage pack and rage this and rage that, I knew Cudi was gonna get pissed I called it

  • Cambell33

    sorry but mgk will not be the new eminem,nor mac miller or even yelwolf.eminem is the only artist that has 2 diomand certified albums ( the slim shady lp,the eminem show).and the slip shady lp album was one of the fastest selling albums in history.besides right now yelawolf is the one signed to a major label and mac miller has done more work with artist like tech n9ne.and what has mgk done wild boy that is it its the only huge hit. that is his only song.and he only has mixtapes not even a debut album. but like i said none of these cats will be the next eminem. only eminem can be eminem thats it plan and simple.

  • becca

    He might Be Good but He WILL NEVER Be EMINEM!!!!!!!Marshall Mathers Slim Shady EMINEM To the Fullest!!!!!!!Shady Records Hell yea:)

  • shakky

    i hate to see Cleveland do this to one another. you guys are both talented represent and do ya thing! And stop comparing MGK TO FUCKING YELAWOLF! THEY ARE COMPLETLY DIFFERENT! if you dont agree please go to a show.

  • I don't think MGK was really trying to say he said it first. He was moreso annoyed over the (possibly) subliminal tweet that scrutinized him for using it.

  • Rick1933

    Sit yo dumb azz down boy.

  • andrw

    I'm sorry but Kid Cudi is a freaking classic. MGK doesn't have anything on him. I like both, but if I was raging I would rather be listening to Kid Cudi than MGK. (pursuit of happiness much?)

  • What has mac miller done with tech n9ne?

  • MGK has nothing on Cleveland's best rapper KiD CuDi

  • KiDCuDi

    MGK makes as much sense as lil wayne, KiD CuDi will kill MGK at anything! MGK has no reason to rap!

  • KiDCuDi

    Got that right!

  • KiD CuDi 4 Life

    I know, seriously. MGK is a retard

  • CuDi4LiFe

    Cudi will destroy MGK any day, MGK's lyrics have no meaning whatsoever. Cudi's lyrics actually mean something, and make more sense..... A lot more sense.

  • jamieh

    Kid cudi is whiney little bitch man. Kels just another white boy taking something and making it his. Cudi has like one good song. Try and put a cudi album on at a party lol yeah he's raging alright. lace The Fuck Up

  • jamieh

    This guy is obviously black and mad lol.

  • jmoney

    ida busted on mgk at his show or studio in cleveland lil bitches fake niggas and yall say ya from 216 bitch come to the east side garden valley projects i fux wit ya