Prodigy Talks Illuminati, President Obama Bloodline & Jay-Z On

Mobb Deep's Prodigy hasn't been shy, as of late, expressing his views on conspiracy theories, the Illuminati, and/or secret societies ... and spoke about his beliefs recently with popular Austin-based radio host, Alex Jones.

In this four-part interview, Illuminati P (as he's named himself on Twitter) speaks on Illuminati symbolism in the hip-hop world, specifically Jay-Z; President Obama's historic bloodline; and his infamous 2007 gun conviction that sent him to prison for four years.

P on Illuminati Symbolism & Jay-Z (Pt. 2)

P on Obama's Royal Bloodline & Ties To George Bush; Ron Paul

P on 2007 Gun Conviction

Follow Prodigy on Twitter @ProdigyMobbDeep, and for more Alex Jones interviews, visit his website

  • ChooseReal

    New respect for Prodidy. word up. 

  • ChooseReal

    New respect for Prodidy. word up. 

  • Str8_ballin_2k4

    prodigy does not know what the fuck he is even talking about. Nigga, prison has made you soft, who's bitch did you he aint going to expose anyone. He easly jumps back on the wagon.

  • Greeneyes2388 Jb

    i have watched and read a lot regaurding the illuminati and people downing this guy real need to read up on it before you down this guy for speaking up!

  • Angelsintel

    fuck jayz but i jeezy find jesus

  • shannon dikens

    young jeezy is my dude but he need to find jesus christ

  • Taniaa’Bitchh(:

    Whats All Thiss Aboutt Jayz Doqq Im Intrested In Wizz Khalifa Who Cares Aboutt Jayyz Its All About Wiz Khalifa Cause Wizz Khalifa Cann Actully Rapp

  • 1971Actionjackson

    Prodigy speakin the Truth & cats out here is BrainWashed ! Look at the signs, symbols on award shows, clothing, & sexual exploitations....Read up & payattention ! Look, Listen & Learn ......# EDUCATE YOURSELF FOOLS #

  • Anisa

    Open up your eyes people. I was ignorant to this whole thing a year ago but I educated myself on it. Knowledge is power and they sure as hell can't take that from me.