Soulja Boy’s Rep Says Private Jet Purchase Is ‘Not True’

Soulja BoySoulja Boy knows how to spark a media blitz ... and do so last week, when his "management" told TMZ he just copped a $55 million private jet for himself to celebrate his birthday.

Well, as many expected, it wasn't not true, despite the rapper, himself, playing along with the story.

Soulja's publicist, Greg Miller, issued a statement to TMZ saying that the "elaborate rumors" are "not true" despite previous claims from his management.

Last week, TMZ spoke to the rapper, and two members of his team (including Shai Storm and his assistant), who all claimed that the 21-year-old just dropped the cash on a $35 million jet, and planned $20 million in upgrades, all in celebration of his birthday.

Although it was a joke played on the media, Soulja Boy played along, telling TMZ when they spoke to him, "Hell yeah ... I bought it." He also bragged about his "G5 status" during a visit to a radio station.

Oh well, he got a lot of attention for it, so it apparently worked.

Soulja Boy celebrated his 21st in Miami on Friday, reportedly blowing $300,000 on the bash, and even made it rain (see the video below).

  • Sheefyboy

    I knew it wasn't true because forbes list only said he made like 14mill


    even tho forbes list is incomplete and inaccurate
    I knew the little nigga was lyin when I watched the
    interview and the question was asked..
    his eyes and his body languaged reminded me of
    when my last 2 beers in the fridge wind up missing
    and the question of  "who drank my shit"   is asked..
    my step son punk ass know he did the shit..
    but he get fidgety and avoid the eye contact or puts on them
    dumb ass stunna shades like soulja boy little frail ass..
    lol little nigga need a belt whoopin for lyin

  • *snaps belt and hands it to GARGANTUAN*