2K Sports Unveils First Screenshot From Upcoming ‘NBA 2K12’

NBA 2K12

Early last month, 2K Sports gave everyone a first look at the upcoming NBA 2K12 title, via a game demo, during this year's E3 convention in Los Angeles, and this week, they gave us a little more.

On Thursday (June 30), the company released the game's first screenshot, highlighting the exciting 2011 NBA Finals between the Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat.

In the screenshot, Mavericks superstar Dirk Nowitzki soars to the hoop at the American Airlines Center, as the Heat's Lebron James and Chris Bosh attempt to block the shot.

More screenshots are to come, says 2K. The title drops October 4th.

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  • Fastbreak

    Dirk Nowitzki made that shot by the way. (;

  • Guest

    rite dirk the jerk ftw

  • nba2kallday

    there was no way lebron was going to block him in this screen shot but the king can do machievious things.........ha

  • doubt it. he made the free throws after tho ; ) lol

  • doubt it. he made the free throws after tho ; ) lol

  • Rockets4life

    Is that underarm hair??? hahaha